One of the great cycling experiences in the state of Colorado is climbing in the mountains.

We have a tremendous selection of canyons, passes, and mountains to ride up. Over the years my wife and I have been drawn to climb many of the passes and "classic climbs" in the state. We started in the San Juans climbing Coal Bank, Molas, and Red Mountian. Several years ago I came across a list compiled on paved passes and classic rides. I was amazed that we have done many of the rides on the list and have lots of great memories from those rides. This makes me wonder how many other cyclists and RMCC club members have climbed these passes. We have compiled a table with 80 climbs (paved passes and classic climbs).

If you have a climb in Colorado that is not on the list, please let me know.

You can track and save the climbs you have done by clicking the "Your Climbs" tab.

Mike Prendergast