16th Paris-Brest-Paris 1200k Randonnée

20-24 August 2007

Photos courtesy of and copyright (C) 2007 by John Lee Ellis
unless otherwise noted.

A few more photos


Riding through a village fleuri...


Last Chance riders at PBP

John Lee Ellis, Nancy Guth, John Guth - K. Billingsley photo


Le Penseur

Ken Billingsley


PBP Check-In

Charlie and Rex get their packets from Jennifer Wise


90-hour Start

Riders stage for final inspection and start


90-hour Start

Mike Fox


Coffee and crêpes from the Rogue family in La Tannière


Charlie Henderson at Mortagne au Perche


Peggy Reed and Gary Koenig at Dreux


Après PBP

Bob Barday scrubs 1200k from his bike


Après PBP

Lara Cooper, JLE, Sandra Loflin - K. Billingsley photo


Après PBP

And now the weather turns nice!