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Haute Route Six-Pack

Vail Pass Path - part of the Haute Route
The Haute Route Six-Pack - July 12-17, 2018 - comprises six roughly 200km days covering the epic Colorado Haute Route 1200km route designed by Tim "Foon" Feldman. (Haute Route is pronounced "oat root" en franšais.) With the Six-Pack, you can experience the entire course in daylight!

Each segment is point-to-point, with overnight lodging between each segment.

Day 1Trail Ridge 200Louisville to Kremmling via Trail Ridge Road through Rocky Mountain National Park route
Day 2Vail Ten 200Kremmling to Leadville via Vail Pass and Tennessee Pass route
Day 3Independence 200Leadville to Paonia via Independence Pass and McClure Pass route
Day 4Black and Blue 200Paonia to Gunnison via Black Canyon of the Gunnison and Blue Mesa route
Day 5King Trout 200Gunnison to Fairplay via Monarch Pass and Trout Creek Pass route
Day 6Hoosier Love 200Fairplay to Louisville via Hoosier Pass and Loveland Pass route

Registration, Fees, and Event Details - Logistics and cost-recovery fees are still in planning. Some preliminary details:

  • 24-rider cap for the first day (over Trail Ridge Road). This is affected by Park Service rules.
  • 30-rider cap overall (including riders joining the second day or later).
  • The starting time will be early each day (tbs), which will give you plenty of time to deal with the climbing and vagaries of cycling in the mountains.
  • The event offers no rider transport between overnight locations.
  • The event is essentially unsupported, except for bagdrop support at overnight locales. So bear that in mind as you train and assess your equipment and fitness level.

Event registration will open soon. To express interest, contact Catherine or John as below.


Catherine Shenk - Event Director
John Lee Ellis - RBA

BATES, Blaine F11996Littleton, CO
BECKER, Cheryl7647San Francisco, CA
BEHRIN, MikeSalt Lake City, UT
CHUN, Brian5423Cupertino, CA
DODGE, Tim2844Denver, CO
DURKIN, Tom4849Portland, OR
EDWARDS, Billy6379Niwot, CO
Egelhoff, MartinDenver, CO
FELDMAN, Tim Foon4819Louisville, CO
GOOCH, Terri1167Boulder, CO
Greer, KevinEvergreen, CO
HOWELL, Jim11847Longmont, CO
KAMINSKY, JasonLongmont, CO
KOVALENKO, Oksana I11133Westminster, CO
LONG, Steven10184Vail, AZ
Madden, Steve
MANGIN, L John1679Loveland, CO
MAZUR, John5929Arlington, VA
METCALFE, Linda2458Duncanville, TX
METCALFE, Mark1589Duncanville, TX
MORLEY, Adam6505Seattle, WA
MOSS, Kenneth Samuel10738Bountiful, UT
PESKETT, Roger3726Tucson, AZ
PHELPS, Robin1576Carrollton, TX
PIOTROWSKI, Cindy5930Arlington, VA
SCHABACKER, Noah8945Boulder, CO
STUM, Richard4638Mt Pleasant, UT
TUREK, Michael Gerald10173Longmont, CO
TURNER, Jason11024Monument, CO
VAN METER, Erika2248Aspen, CO
WARREN, Corinne D7898Monument, CO
ZAVESTOSKI, Stephen6078El Cerrito, CA