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2005 Brevet Results

200km - Apr 17  |   200km - May 7  |   Flèche - May 14  |   300km - May 21   
400km - June 11  |   1000km - June 11-13  |   600km - June 25-26   |   1000km - June 25-27
Grand Loop - July 9  |   1000km - July 16-18  |   200km - July 30   |  Denver-Aspen 300k - Aug 6   
Peak-to-Peak 300k - Aug 20   |  Last Chance 1200k - Sept 13-16   |  200k - Sept 24
Consolidated 2005 Rider Results

Results Certification
For ACP-sanctioned events (all of our brevets except for the April 200k) our results postings are technically preliminary -
indicated by "§" below - pending certification from the ACP, which has been slow in coming this year.
Consult the RUSA Result Processing Status for ACP certification and other processing status.
You can find your certification numbers at RUSA Results Search.

2005 Brevet Series in Review

134 cyclists participated in one or more brevets or populaires, up from 115 the prior year! The table below shows the growth in number of rides and their ridership:
LengthTypeRoute’05 Date 2005200420032002200120001999
120kmpopulaireKeenesburg3-Apr28 29x17---
120kmpopulaireHorsetooth10-Aprx 112813---
120kmpopulaireEstes Park23-Apr21 418x---
200kmbrevetStove Prairie7-May52 535639241619
24 hrflècheFront Range14-May9 975---
300kmbrevetBlack Forest21-May35 335022191216
400kmbrevetLefthand11-Jun29 28421481017
600kmbrevetDevil's Gulch25-Jun14 2140108521
1000kmbrevetLefthand - Ft. Morgan11-Jun3 3341--
300kmbrevetGrand Loop9-Jul17 13863--
125kmpopulaireBarr LakeJul- 4-----
1000kmbrevetLefthand-Ft. Morgan*16-Jul1------
200kmbrevetBlack Forest 30-Jul21 20-----
300kmbrevetDenver-Aspen6-Aug22 1721----
125kmpopulaireCopper Triangle18-Jun179x11---
1200kmrandonnéeLast Chance13-Sep32 14-134--
200kmbrevetStove Prairie24-Sep15 15201213--
125kmpopulaireApple Valley2-Oct14 10-----
Totals  351 305293166804373
“-” = not scheduled  “x” = cancelled  "*" = new for 2005
   Thank you for coming on our rides. Hopefully they have been satisfying for you, and that 2006 will offer you further chances for personal accomplishment.

We had riders from Arizona, New Mexico, California, Washington, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Florida, Kansas, Missouri – plus Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia ... and Tazmania – in addition to many veterans and rookies from our region. Some highlights from this year:

  • Arizona - New Mexico 200k – A new brevet, and part of cooperative, back-to-back, 200k’s with the Southern Arizona Brevets, and our first randonneuring miles in either state!
  • Grand Loop – Course record, and continued popular attendance!
  • Last Chance 1200k – Doubling of ridership, to 32, with everyone to first-time 1200k riders to those who’d ridden several this year already, and once again several RAAM-Qualifying riders!
Special thanks to our volunteers ! – RMCC president Charlie Henderson, who ran the Grand Loop and Denver-Aspen 300km brevets and was the all important Last Chance trail boss; Tom Foss , who handled registration for the entire series; Patricia Heller , who helped at HQ and the Last Chance finish; Catherine Shenk at the Last Chance finish; Carol Garnand, reprising her role as Secret Checkpoint, John Hughes , who managed the Last Chance Byers bagdrop, and Carol Chaffee , who stepped up to lead the populaires. We are proud to have these dedicated volunteers, and it shows in the quality of the events!

Consolidated 2005 Rider Results
Rider RUSA No. Pts. Total km. 3 Apr 116k 10 Apr 122k 17 Apr 200k 23 Apr 121k 7 May 200k 14 May Flèche 21 May 300k 11 Jun 400k 11 Jun 1000k 18 Jun 111k 25 Jun 600k 25 Jun 1000k 9 Jul 300k GL 16 Jul 1000K 30 Jul 200k 6 Aug 300k 20 Aug 300k 13 Sep 1200K 13 Sep 1000K 13 Sep 200K 24 Sep 200k 2 Oct 129K Town
ARCHAMBAULT, Ilka66008:3618:49Fort Collins, CO
BARACH, Charlene12120089:25Red Deer, AB Canada
BARANCZYK, Merle41099008:1113:0216:48Salida, CO
BARDAY, Bob81813126010:309:4722514:369:02Golden, CO
BATAILLE, Karen274112120087:00Columbia, MO
BENOIT, Diane22273:505:40Morrison, CO
BILLINGS, Marland11115:49Lakewood, CO
BOETHLING, Fred176222009:00Boulder, CO
BOL, Timothy100912120066:10Maitland, FL
BONNER, Kenneth89412120054:46Victoria, BC, Canada
BOUHUYZEN, Henk12120071:30Toronto, ON, Canada
BOYLE, Tom117422008:40Littleton, CO
BURNS, Rowan12120089:25Hobart, Tas, Australia
BUSCH, Mike33164:258:36Broomfield, CO
CARLSON, James33216:038:40Fort Collins, CO
CHAFFEE, Carol28551616483:444:387:124:4013:206:1711:3511:45Arvada, CO
CLANCY, John11164:42
CLARK, Drew22325:175:34Erie, CO
CLINKINBEARD, Dan183712120087:00Columbia. MO
de ROSSET, William240199008:0218:3113:48Fort Collins, CO
DELFINO, Darren330014:00Littleton, CO
DODGE, Tim28441010163:406:4910:3915:40Denver, CO
ECKART, Glen22008:36Fort Collins, CO
EGELHOFF, Martin1515008:3215:5721:1238:22Denver, CO
ELLIS, John Lee1534140898:298:0522512:0516:4832:3913:257:0581:257:374:34Louisville, CO
ELMBLAD, John19271515008:4814:3024:4032:15Denver, CO
EMME, Siegfried1212008:3213:1717:3816:15Loveland, CO
ENFIELD, Mike275144008:247:51Mesa, AZ
ERICKSON, Karl330013:25Boulder, CO
FARNSWORTH, Rex79698608:5222513:27Highlands Ranch, CO
FAUST, Thomas308612120083:41Columbia, MO
FAVREAU, Robin15761111164:0418:3133:00Durango, CO
FLANIGAN, John243477163:447:0216:48Denver, CO
FOLEY, Paul147177325:397:2911:415:04Golden, CO
FONKEN, Joellen22008:11Gunnison, CO
FOSS, Tom203266454:048:407:464:35Wheat Ridge, CO
FOURNEY, Robert89010100014:4023:59Highlands Ranch, CO
FOX, Mike908770015:1824:40Lakewood, CO
GALLO, Felix B.26431918608:1122512:0516:4826:40Boulder, CO
GARCIA, Sheridan22454:365:51Rollinsville, CO
GILLESPIE, Michael220715150012:1014:0418:4431:30Arvada, CO
GLASGOW, Dave123822009:20Tucson, AZ
GOODE, Gerald6012120083:53Tucson, AZ
GREGORY, Robin44214:1811:46Littleton, CO
GUILFOIL, Scott330013:30Palatine, IL
HAAS, William262411164:45Lakewood, CO
HALLAM, Eric55007:2911:41Monument, CO
HARTMAN, Bob11164:34Centennial, CO
HENDERSON, Charlie61110608:5222513:319:02Littleton, CO
HIEBERT, Doug229855008:4813:32Lakewood, CO
HIGGINS, Kerry10038760240.19:028:13Lakewood, CO
HIMSCHOOT, Ron67912120086:34Seattle, WA
HOFF, Peter99216:0910:4014:3013:48Boulder, CO
HOWARD, Mark230911215:11Denver, CO
HOWE, James231366007:025:546:22Lakewood, CO
INGOLD, John306700dnfAnchorgae, AK
JETER, Lukas28661010215:508:1913:457:578:11Denver, CO
JONES, Tim93400dnfFairfield, CA
KAHLER, Geoff11215:25Fort Collins, CO
KAISER, Christopher174212120057:3611:59McDonough, GA
KAISER, Kevin159912120068:42Evans, GA
KALISCH, Tim1414214:186:3710:2812:475:5411:16Denver, CO
KAMINSKY, Jason330015:08Longmont, CO
KEHR, Jim231812120087:02Laguna Beach, CA
KESTNER, Marcia85322009:47Lakewood, CO
KLAASSEN, Spencer198912120083:40St. Joseph, MO
KNOBLAUCH, Tom3434454:108:2412:1118:3116:4013:1813:4581:107:395:34Aurora, CO
KRAYCHY, Jim285677453:5211:456:224:03Fountain Hills, AZ
KROONENBERG, Stuart22007:52Highlands Ranch, CO
LEINHART, Larry270866008:2016:48Fort Collins, CO
LEWIS, Norman180065608:24240.1Littleton, CO
LIEDTKE, Brian22325:395:04Golden, CO
LOECHELL, Thor330011:16Littleton, CO
LONG, Beth214555009:2314:47Aurora CO
LUCAS, Rob3083990016:487:2514:36Colorado Springs, CO
MAIN, Kevin5012120083:53San Luis Obispo, CA
MANNSFIELD, Boris330013:20Denver, CO
MARQUETTE, Brian44214:5714:41Longmont, CO
MATTESON, Tracy330010:42Golden, CO
MAZZOLA, John3055330012:24Cedar Crest, NM
McDONALD, Sargent1717504:206:3710:2814:4012:4711:424:50Arvada, CO
MEMELINK, Chris11163:40Broomfield, CO
MICHEL, Mark33214:538:00Littleton, CO
MILLER, Bob33164:047:29Littleton, CO
MILLER, David275412120083:24Columbus, OH
MILLER, Tim330014:02Lakewood, CO
MYERS, Brent212977009:2314:478:40Aurora, CO
NANSEL, Alan66007:5221:10Aurora, CO
NEWTON, Gerry11294:08Denver, CO
NORIS, Peter11402121454:488:3715:5520:4570:514:37Denver, CO
ODORIZZI, Greg88008:0013:4512:57Broomfield, CO
OEHMAN, Amy22374:044:59Denver, CO
OMLAND, Chris33004:45Boulder, CO
PASQUINI, Ron22006:22Niwot, CO
PHELPS, Val22991515164:048:5218:3133:158:40Durango, CO
PLONSKY, Susan37370010:0015:1718:5535:1065:1487:00Black Canyon City, AZ
POGORELZ, Robert2323008:4213:1733:5566:55Fort Morgan, CO
PRENDERGAST, Mike11163:44Erie, CO
QUINCE, Devin271222455:136:12Longmont, CO
QUINCE, Heidi11296:12Longmont, CO
ROBERTSON, Catherine22007:05San Francisco, CA
ROSENBAUER, Tom225012120066:25Easton, PA
ROSENTHAL, Harris44114:3311:46Denver, CO
ROZELLE, Paul295512120063:24Bexley, OH
RUDOLPH, Steve88773:404:206:374:285:544:03Westminster, CO
RUPEL, Ray311218180029:0064:42Centennial, CO
RUSSON, Rick55216:1710:029:46Littleton, CO
SABO, Alan330013:20Barrington, IL
SCHROEDER, Jerome330013:20Denver, CO
SEIDEL, John11216:17Wheat Ridge, CO
SHANNON, Kelly11115:07Denver, CO
SHENK, Catherine3108660014:0212:35Boulder, CO
SHIELDS, Dan44009:289:46Denver, CO
SIMMONS, Alan22007:19Lyons, CO
SIMMONS, Eric150318176010:039:06240.164:09Colorado Springs, CO
SMITH, Vernon184299007:2911:4116:48Colorado Springs, CO
SNAVELY, Henry1313773:575:158:1712:226:577:057:085:08Aurora, CO
SOLANICK, Jim4112120074:00Lake Worth, FL
STERN, Paul1610220012:03Holly, MI
STIMPSON, John330012:35Fairhope, AL
STURGILL, Michael184712120057:11Phoenix, AZ
THURSTON, Robin330010:27Denver, CO
VALDEZ, Michael22008:20Fort Collins, CO
WALKER, Charles11165:08Wheat Ridge, CO
WALLACE, Daniel155512120081:47Winter Park, FL
WEIBLE, Jef46212120064:32Wildwood, MO
WERNER, Glen3412423608:359:47240.112:5864:0916:35dnfEnglewood, CO
WHITLEY, Robert1515008:3215:5721:1038:20Boulder, CO
WILLIAMS, Steve3118660016:4414:44Aspen, CO
WISS, Dick29932626008:1112:4917:3833:5515:477:0913:5213:48Boulder, CO
ZEISIG, Theo1414505:218:0512:2917:3814:454:21Boulder, CO
ZIMMER, Dean12120083:41Winnipeg, MB, Canada
ZMRHAL, Terry16722007:18Kirkland, WA

200km Brevet-- 24 September 2005 -- Stove Prairie - Poudre Canyon - Horsetooth  §
RUSA# Time   Rider
1537:37Ellis, John Lee
7:10Emme, Siegfried
27517:51Enfield, Mike
20327:46Foss, Tom
10038:13Higgins, Kerry
8:03Hoff, Peter
23136:22Howe, James
28668:11Jeter, Lukas
7:39Knoblauch, Tom
28566:22Kraychy, Jim
6:22Pasquini, Ron
9:46Russon, Rick
9:46Shields, Dan
7:08Snavely, Henry
1677:18Zmrhal, Terry
Mild and Autumnal!

A mild, softly-lit day with touches of aspen gold in the canyons greeted 15 riders (all finishing!) for the 2005 season's final brevet. Accompanying for the initial miles were UMCA Managing Director John Hughes and PBP finisher and Iraq veteran Ben Staggs, already training up for PBP'07. It was very good to see Ben again after a long absence.

Out-of-towners included our friend Terry Zmrhal from the Seattle Randonneurs, UMCA Events Calendar chair and former records chair - sporting the only wool jersey in the bunch; and Mike Enfield from Mesa, AZ, for his third RMCC 200k this season, and clinching the ACP Super-Randonneur award with this ride.

As the peloton glided through Berthoud, a young lady of five or six waved and said: "Hi Bikers! I like to bike, too!" It reminded us why we do this - because we like to bike, too!

The semi-overcast conditions in the 50's and 60's were ideal for energetic biking, and a quartering tailwind late in the ride wafted riders home, in contrast to the blustery southerly winds last year.

This was the first brevet ever with only informational intermediate controls. This worked out well for the riders, as they could ride expeditiously and stop where they needed to. The final control, at Horsetooth Mountain Park, turned out to be a bit of a puzzler, though, and riders had to consult the park ranger.

With this the season's final brevet, and only one populaire remaining, we hope your season has been rewarding, full of challenges and growth, and has whetted your appetite for a great 2006.

- John Lee Ellis

1200km Randonnée -- 13 September 2005 -- "Colorado Last Chance "  §
RUSA# Time   Rider Orig.
89:25BARACH, CharleneAB, Can.
274187:00BATAILLE, KarenMO
100966:10BOL, TimothyFL
89454:46**BONNER, KennethBC, Can.
71:30BOUHUYZEN, HenkON, Can.
89:25BURNS, RowanTas, Aus.
15381:25ELLIS, John LeeCO
308683:41FAUST, ThomasMO
6083:53GOODE, GeraldAZ
67986:34HIMSCHOOT, RonWA
3067dnfINGOLD, JohnAK
934dnfJONES, TimCA
159968:42KAISER, KevinGA
231887:02KEHR, JimCA
198983:40KLAASSEN, SpencerMO
5083:53MAIN, KevinCA
275483:24MILLER, DavidOH
99187:00PLONSKY, SusanAZ
66:55POGORELZ, Robert *CO
295563:24ROZELLE, Paul *OH
311264:42RUPEL, Ray *CO
4174:00SOLANICK, James FL
184757:11STURGILL, Michael *AZ
155581:47WALLACE, DanielFL
46264:32WEIBLE, JeffMO
341dnfWERNER, GlenCO
83:41ZIMMER, DeanMB, Can.
* RAAM Qualified!
* *New course record!
174257:36 +11:59KAISER, Christopher (1000k+200k)GA
114070:51NORIS, PeterCO
225066:25ROSENBAUER, TomPA
161012:03STERN, Paul (200k)MI
More Riders, Less Weather!

Nearly ideal conditions accompanied a record 32 Last Chance 1200k/1000k starters (and 29 finishers, a 90% finishing rate) on the fourth Colorado Last Chance. Ridership doubled from 2002 and 2004, bursting the seams of this year’s new rider cap. As in years past, most came from far and wide (79% this year, 81% in 2004) to enjoy the prairie experience.

Local finishers included John Lee Ellis, Tom Knoblauch, Peter Noris, Robert Pogorelz, and Ray Rupel.

In addition Robert Pogorelz (CO), Paul Rozelle (OH), Ray Rupel (CO), and Mike Sturgill (AZ) qualified for RAAM by way of the Last Chance, all of them riding without support, or at times comfy accomodations, as when Ray Rupel and Mike Sturgill snoozed on a concrete slab in Anton, CO.

For 1000k riders Peter Noris, Tom Rosenbauer, and Chris Kaiser, this put the finishing touches on the prestigious Randonneur 5000 award from France. For Ken Bonner (riding his third Last Chance, and breaking his own course record), Dan Clinkinbeard, and Kevin Main, it was their fourth 1200k for the year! For others, such as Karen Bataille, it was their first 1200k ever, and a good first time out to boot.

After a chilly start, riders faced windy conditions heading to the Kansas line … an improvement from VERY windy conditions in past years. A front passage overnight brought only a few showers, bestowing comfy highs the 80’s, and actual tailwinds the second and third afternoons. As in 2004, the third night was chilly, dropping to 37 degrees by morning.

As always, a high degree of ridership and comraderie shown through, while riders beamed at meeting “the friendliest people anywhere” in Kansas and Eastern Colorado.

A special thanks to the dedicated Last Chance staff: trail boss and Atwood bagdrop chief Charlie Henderson, starter and Byers bagdrop chief John Hughes, headquarters coordinator Patricia Heller, Tom Foss managing registration, and Catherine Shenk helping at the finish line.

Look for rider stories soon at www.rmccrides.com/lastchance.htm, and start thinking about Last Chance ’06, same date, same place!

- John Lee Ellis

300km Brevet -- 20 August 2005 -- "Peak-to-Peak"  §
RUSA# Time   Rider
285511:45Chaffee, Carol
240113:48DeRosset, William
13:48Hoff, Peter
13:45Knoblauch, Tom
11:45Kraychy, Jim
11:42McDonald, Sargent
12:57Odorizzi, Greg
14:44Williams, Steven
299313:48Wiss, Dick
14:45Zeisig, Theo
Second Time's the Charm!

The second annual Peak-to-Peak 300k saw 11 riders (and 10 finishers). After a fine, dry (and later, sunny) first part, enjoying the Peak-to-Peak highway from Coal Creek Pass to Devil's Gulch, many riders encountered showers later, but too late to dampen spirits.

Thanks to Carol Chaffee for leading this brevet in her typical high-spirited fashion!

- John Lee Ellis

300km Brevet -- 6 August 2005 -- "Denver-Aspen"  §
RUSA# Time   Rider
285511:35Chaffee, Carol
14:00Delfino, Darren *
11:46Gregory, Robin
13:30Guilfoil, Scott *
231311:20Howe, James
11:16Kalisch, Tim
13:18Knoblauch, Tom
11:16Loechell, Thor *
308314:36Lucas, Rob
13:20Mannsfield, Boris *
14:41Marquette, Brian *
10:42Matteson, Tracy *
14:45Omland, Chris *
11:46Rosenthal, Harris
13:20Sabo, Alan *
13:20Schroeder, Jerome
310812:35Shenk, Catherine *
12:35Stimpson, John *
10:27Thurston, Robin *
16:44Williams, Steven *
299313:52Wiss, Dick
* First Denver-Aspen!
Smooth Sailing!

Generally fine weather welcomed 22 riders (and 21 finishers) to this year's Denver-Aspen. Two-thirds of the riders were first-timers, and did quite well! We were graced by some real out-of-towners, including Scott Guilfoil and Alan Sabo from Illinois, and John Stimpson from Alabama. Thanks for making the trip!

Unlike last year's hail inundation on Trout Creek Pass, the only precip reported this year was a shower on the west face of Independence Pass, catching only two riders - Catherine Shenk and John Stimpson.

Many thanks, again, to Charlie Henderson for leading the ride, including a couple hours ride from the start, then meeting the riders at the always hospitable Woody Creek Inn!

- John Lee Ellis

200km Brevet -- 30 July 2005 -- Black Forest  §
RUSA# Time   Rider
8189:02Barday, Robert
8:40Boyle, Tom
28556:17Chaffee, Carol
1537:05Ellis, John Lee
20328:40Foss, Tom
69:02Henderson, Charles
10039:02Higgins, Kerry
23135:54Howe, James
28667:57Jeter, Lukas
5:54Kalisch, Tim
30837:25Lucas, Rob
8:40Myers, Brent
22998:40Phelps, Val
5:54Rudolph, Steve
7:05Robertson, Catherine *
10:02Russon, Rick *
7:05Snavely, Henry
29937:09Wiss, Dick
* First 200k!
Toastiest Black Forest 200k Yet!

None of the 21 starters (and 18 finishers) complained about the 7am departure (an hour earlier than last year) on this Black Forest toastfest. The wise riders reflected upon and enjoyed the 7,000 ft. elevation of much of the route, diving into more sweltering climes only at the finish.

This brevet engendered much discussion about proper hydration and salinization, but in general, folks did well and had great rides. Veterans reflected that they weren't drying out and warming up at the Black Forest VFD from chilling thunderstorms as on the 300k in May, 2000. Almost feels good to think about now, doesn't it?

Thank you to Charlie Henderson for leading this brevet, and for making the executive decision to bypass Larkspur and it's ever-too-popular Renaissance Festival on the home stretch.

- John Lee Ellis

Stay tuned for photos!

1000km Brevet -- 16 July 2005 -- Lefthand Canyon - Ft. Morgan - Big Thompson Canyon  §
RUSA# 400k 600k Time   Rider
99119:1542:0065:14Plonsky, Susan *
* First Colo. 1000k!
Most Comfortable 1000k Yet?

Clear skies, moderating temps, and various forms of wildlife beckoned the 1-rider peloton on this July 1000k. Thanks to the solitary focus of Susan Plonsky, Casa Grande AZ RBA, this event boasted a 100% finishing rate, rare among this season's brevets!

Saturday the 16th was perfect weather (hot!) for the highest segment of the route, while Sunday and Monday moderated into the 80's, downright chilly for this Phoenix area rider. Susan managed to sight interesting wildlife each day, including a black bear crossing the Peak-to-Peak highway on the descent from Ward. Congratulations to the entire ridership!

- John Lee Ellis

Stay tuned for photo(s)!

300km Brevet -- 9 July 2005 -- Trail Ridge Road - Berthoud Pass - Lookout Mtn.  §
RUSA# Time   Rider
285513:20Chaffee, Carol
13:25Erickson, Carl *
15315:30Ellis, John Lee
16:15Emme, Siegfried *
12:47Kalisch, Tim
15:08Kaminsky, Jason * §
16:40Knoblauch, Tom
12:47McDonald, Sargent *
310714:02Miller, Tim * §
310814:02Shenk, Catherine * §
16:35Werner, Glen
299315:47Wiss, Dick *
§ First 300k!
* First Grand Loop!
Shirtsleeves at 12,000 Feet!

A balmy, dry day wafted 12 finishers (out of 17 starters) over the Continental Divide and back. The best biking of the day was definitely at altitude, as the Plains baked in the mid-90's. Wildflowers near and above timberline seemed in greater profusion than in recent years, no doubt due to our snowy, wet spring. They provided delightful distraction as riders toiled up beyond Rainbow Curve. Riders heard pikas, saw a marmot and some deer, and a raccoon window-shopping at 4am along Broadway in Boulder.

For a good half of the riders, this was their first Grand Loop, and for some of these, their first 300k! (See table to the left.) Always a challenging ride, this year's Grand Loop saw a 30% drop-out rate, higher than usual. Yet it also saw a new, sub-13-hour, course record, set by Tim Kalisch and Sargent MacDonald!

Bob Barday, fresh back from finishing the Cascade 1200, showed up and accompanied the peloton as far as Lyons. Charlie Henderson put in a strong performance piecewise, doing major climbing (and descending) taking time out from his organizational duties.

Thanks again to Wojiech, support vehicle driver, for his fine support, and most of all to Charlie Henderson for the event arrangements!

- John Lee Ellis

600km Brevet -- 25-26 June 2005 -- St. Vrain Canyon - Estes Park - Kersey  §
RUSA# 400k   Time   Rider
20:3838:22Egelhoff, Martin *
15316:4232:39Ellis, John Lee
192720:0232:15Elmblad, John
157617:5433:00Favreau, Robin
15:4223:59Fourney, Bob
264316:5026:40Gallo, Felix
220718:3031:30Gillespie, Michael
229917:5433:15Phelps, Val
99118:4735:10Plonsky, Susan
19:1433:55Pogorelz, Robert
17:0829:00Rupel, Ray *
20:3838:20Whitley, Robert *
299316:4433:55Wiss, Dick *
* First 600k Brevet!
Quietest 600k Ever!

Lush green vistas left over from a moist June accompanied 14 riders (13 finishers) on a mild, dry ride. The showers of earlier June had departed and the 90's of the previous days had relented. Only a hefty wind on the Plains segment got riders attention, as they leaned and tacked into it on the way to Platteville.

Quietest 600k? No thunderstorms (traditional companion to the 600k), forest fires, or blowing tumbleweeds (or very few, at any rate), and even more side roads in place of highway miles.

Arizona RBA Susan Plonsky joined us for her third Colorado brevet this season, and RMCC expatriates Val Phelps and Robin Favreau finished off their Super-Randonneur series here, too. John Mazzola again came up from New Mexico, rode a convincing 400k first loop, but then had to hurry back on family business.

We missed Bob Barday, Merle Baranczyk, Tim Dodge, John Flanigan, and Peter Noris on this ride, as they were turning the pedals on the Cascade 1200 even as we were on the 600k.

With this finish, riders like Robert Pogorelz and rookie (but speedy!) breveteur Ray Rupel are now qualified for the Last Chance.

Finally, riders had Mike Fox to thank for the secret checkpoint at Glen Haven - replete with snacks and festooned with RUSA jerseys (not for sale!).

Stay tuned for photos!

- John Lee Ellis

1000km Brevet -- 11 June 2005 -- Lefthand Canyon - Ft. Morgan - Big Thompson Canyon §
RUSA# 400k 600k Time   Rider
150318:0042:0464:09Simmons, Eric
34119:0242:0264:09Werner, Glen
Coolest, Most Aquatic 1000k Ever!

Lush green vistas - as well as the 400k breveteurs - accompanied 3 starters on the first segment of their 1000k. Alas, on the middle (plains-oriented) loop, the accompaniment was drenching, blowing, tumultuous thunderstorms (see below!). Hefty downslope winds blew the clouds away for the final stiff climb up Big Thompson, and a brilliant day.

For Glen Werner this was his second Colorado 1000k in as many years! For Eric Simmons, it was his first, and cemented his hold on the prestigious Randonneur 5000 award from Paris!

More details to follow ...

- John Lee Ellis

Radar view as our intrepid riders transit Fort Morgan:

400km Brevet -- 11 June 2005 -- Lefthand Canyon - St. Vrain Canyon - Carter Lake - Horsetooth  §
RUSA# Time   Rider
18:49Archambault, Ilka *
41016:48Baranczyk, Merle
240118:31deRossett, William
284415:40Dodge, Tim *
21:12Egelhoff, Martin *
15316:48Ellis, John Lee
192724:40Elmblad, John
17:38Emme, Siegfried *
157618:31Favreau, Robin
243416:48Flanigan, John
14:40Fourney, Bob
90824:40Fox, Mike
264316:48Gallo, Felix
220718:44Gillespie, Michael
18:31Knoblauch, Tom
16:48Leinhart, Larry *
308316:48Lucas, Rob *
14:40McDonald, Sargent *
21:10Nansel, Alan *
114020:45Noris, Peter
229918:31Phelps, Val
99118:55Plonsky, Susan
184216:48Smith, Vernon
21:10Whitley, Robert *
299317:38Wiss, Dick *
17:38Zeisig, Theo *
* First 400k Brevet!
Cooling Down for a Sunny 400k!

Lush green vistas continue to persist, welcoming 29 riders on the Lefthand 400k. Riders headed off in the morning mist and ground fog, through air moist from recent rainfall. This was - to our unaccountably good fortune - a one-day window of sun and dryness after days of downpours. Cooler conditions (topping out in the low 70's) diminished storm chances, the only precip being a wave from the south towards evening.

Plummeting down St. Vrain Canyon, riders were treated to a friendly secret checkpoint at the base of the canyon, courtesy of John Hughes, Carol Garnand, and velo-racing luminary Victor Gallo. Thank you!

As on the 200k and 300k, a number (11 on this ride!) were trying their first 400k, including Ilka Archambault, Tim Dodge, Marty Egelhoff, Siegfried Emme, Larry Leinhart, Rob Lucas, Sargent McDonald, Alan Nansel, Rob Whitley, Dick Wiss, and Theo Zeisig. Congratulations to all!

Far-flung RMCCer's Val Phelps and Robin Favreau joined us, as did Susan Plonsky from Arizona.

- John Lee Ellis

Stay tuned for photos!

300km Brevet -- 21 May 2005 -- Black Forest  §
RUSA# Time   Rider
41013:02Baranczyk, Merle
81814:36Barday, Robert
284410:39Dodge, Tim
15:57Egelhoff, Martin *
15312:05Ellis, John Lee
192714:30Elmblad, John
13:17Emme, Siegfried *
79613:27Farnsworth, Rex
147111:41Foley, Paul
90815:18Fox, Mike
264312:05Gallo, Felix
220714:04Gillespie, Michael
11:41Hallam, Eric *
613:31Henderson, Charles
13:32Hiebert, Doug
14:30Hoff, Peter *
286613:45Jeter, Lukas
10:28Kalisch, Tim
12:11Knoblauch, Tom
14:47Long, Beth
305512:24Mazzola, John
10:28McDonald, Sargent
14:47Myers, Brent
114015:55Noris, Peter
13:45Odorizzi, Greg *
13:17Pogorelz, Robert
99115:17Plonsky, Susan
184211:41Smith, Vernon
12:22Snavely, Henry *
34112:58Werner, Glen
15:57Whitley, Robert *
299312:49Wiss, Dick *
12:29Zeisig, Theo *
* First 300k Brevet!
Still Lush for the 300k but Heating Up!

Still-lush green spring vistas continued to welcome 35 riders on the Black Forest 300k. But with Colorado Springs temps topping out at 90°F, hydration was the new watchword.

This was the least troublesome Black Forest 300k in recent years - no thunderstorms, no punishing winds, no ground frost outbound through Sedalia. But the heat and the absence of really helpful winds where riders have come to expect them led to a tough enough ride!

Amidst all of these moderate conditions, the one thing that seemed to catch most riders attention was the mile of rotograded hwy. 105 east of Monument.

As on the 200k, a number of riders were trying their first 300k, including Marty Egelhoff, Siegfried Emme, Eric Hallam, Peter Hoff, Greg Odorizzi, Henry Snavely, Rob Whitley and Dick Wiss. Congratulations to you all, on a course that is not a walk in the park!

We also welcome John Mazzola from northern New Mexico, and So. Arizona RBA Susan Plonsky from Casa Grande.

- John Lee Ellis

Stay tuned for photos!

Flèche -- 14 May 2005 -- Colorado Front Range Flèche  §

Team Prairie Dog - 225 Miles
818  Barday, Bob (2)
153 Ellis, John Lee (captain) (4)
796 Farnsworth, Rex (2)
2643 Gallo, Felix *
6 Henderson, Charlie (3)

Team Falcon - 240.1 Miles

1003 Higgins, Kerry *
1800  Lewis, Norman (2)
1503 Simmons, Eric (captain) (2)
341  Werner, Glen *

* First flèche!
(x) xth flèche!
Smoothest Flèche Yet?

Under fine, mild weather conditions, 2 flèche teams took to the field, one fewer than in 2004 but with the same number of riders, only crammed into two veteran teams.

The teams' routes were quite distinct in character. Team Prairie Dog once again reprised their Glen Haven scenic route, but with a twist (see below!). Team Falcon started in Falcon, east of Colorado Springs, and rode an almost exclusively deep Plains route through Limon, Last Chance, and Fort Morgan - they get the award for fewest trees, and most Last-Chance-type experience without actually riding the Last Chance 1200k.

For the Prairie Dogs the twist was that, for the first time ever, the Glen Haven store was open - it was the store's first day of the season - so a majority of Prairie Dogs enjoyed mouth-watering cinnamon rolls!

Once again, at the finish, Falcons and Prairie Dogs breakfasted at the Huckleberry Inn in Louisville (their common endpoint) though at separate, neighboring tables, to preserve distance between predator and prey.

We especially congratulate rookies to this offbeat event: Felix Gallo, Kerry Higgins, and Glen Werner. With this ride, Glen has now satisfied his final requirement for the prestigious Randonneur 5000 award from Paris!

- John Lee Ellis  

Stay tuned for photos!
200km Brevet -- 7 May 2005 -- Stove Prairie  §
RUSA# Time   Rider
8:36Archambault, Ilka
4108:11Baranczyk, Merle
8189:47Barday, Robert
8:36Busch, Mike *
8:40Carlson, James *
28557:12Chaffee, Carol
24018:02deRosset, William
28446:49Dodge, Tim
8:36Eckart, Glen *
8:32Egelhoff, Martin *
8:05Ellis, John Lee
19278:48Elmblad, John
8:32Emme, Siegfried *
7968:52Farnsworth, Rex
24347:02Flanigan, John
14717:29Foley, Paul
8:11Fonken, Joellen *
26438:11Gallo, Felix
220712:10Gillespie, Michael
7:29Hallam, Eric
68:52Henderson, Charlie
8:48Hiebert, Doug
10:4Hoff, Peter *
23137:02Howe, James
28668:19Jeter, Lukas
6:37Kalisch, Tim
9:47Kestner, Marcia
8:24Knoblauch, Tom
16357:52Kroonenberg, Stuart
27088:20Leinhart, Larry *
18008:24Lewis, Norman
9:23Long, Beth
6:37McDonald, Sargent
8:00Michel, Mark *
7:29Miller, Robert
9:23Myers, Brent
7:52Nansel, Alan
11408:37Noris, Peter
8:00Odorizzi, Greg *
22998:52Phelps, Val
8:42Pogorelz, Robert
6:37Rudolph, Steve *
9:28Shields, Daniel *
7:19Simmons, Alan
15039:06Simmons, Eric
18427:29Smith, Vernon
8:17Snavely, Henry *
8:20Valdez, Michael *
3419:47Werner, Glen
8:32Whitley, Robert *
29938:11Wiss, Dick *
8:05Zeisig, Theo
* First Brevet!
Lushest 200k Yet?

Lush green spring vistas - plus the odd shower, lightning bolt, and scudding cloudbank - welcomed 52 riders, including 2 who'd ridden our Arizona-NM 200k the previous month and our own Val Phelps, tapering after riding the Tombstone 600km a couple weeks earlier and making his way from his new Durango home to ride with us.

Former Florida RBA Peter Noris, the lone recumbent rider, did not let the stiff climbs stand in his way, but does recount creeping up the final half mile of the Stove Prairie climb accompanied by snow flurries. At this rate, he'll sail through the Cascade 1200k in June.

Have a look at the first-time 200k riders on our finishers list. For some, such as Dan Shields, who came from the DBTC/RMCC Paceline Training Group, this was their longest distance ever! And on a challenging course, to boot.

In a perverse payback for veterans of a 90% headwind Rawhide 200k a few years back, riders enjoyed a great amount of tailwind - or at least not adverse winds - this go-round. And Stove Prairie veterans appreciated the new, smooth asphalt on the north face of the Stove Prairie climb - they didn't suffer any less, but made 1-2 mph better time in the process.

We thank all you riders, especially those such as Merle Baranczyk, Joellen Fonken, Eric Simmons and Val Phelps who came from a greater distance to ride with us!

- John Lee Ellis

Stay tuned for photos!

200km Brevet -- 17 April 2005 -- Show Low AZ - Alpine - Reserve NM

2005 Populaire Results

129km -- 2 October 2005 -- Rabbit Mountain
RUSA# Time   Rider
28489:40Allen, MikeAZ
81810:30Barday, BobCO
17629:00Boethling, FredCO
1538:29Ellis, John LeeCO
27518:24Enfield, MikeAZ
12389:20Glasgow, DavidAZ
99110:00Plonsky, SusanAZ
150310:03Simmons, EricCO
3418:35Werner, GlenCO
     Arizona and Colorado RBAs at finish.
First Arizona and New Mexico Brevet!

Balmy weather welcomed 10 riders - 5 from Colorado and 5 from Arizona - on the first-ever Colorado Brevet Series event in Arizona and New Mexico! This was most likely also our first 100% RUSA-member brevet or populaire, and our earliest brevet ever.

The Arizona riders had warmed up the day before with a Reserve - to - Show Low 200km organized by Arizona RBA Susan Plonsky to make it logistically simpler for local riders ... and to double the fun, of course. For the Colorado contingent it was the first day of their 600-mile Spring Contrail tour through the White Mountains of Arizona and New Mexico. So both groups had a good excuse to settle back and ride comfortably!

Of course for the Arizona riders, this was a week before their Tombstone 600k, while for Coloradoans, it was three weeks before our first traditional 200k, in May.

A mild breeze pushed riders up the first hills through open, volcanic terrain, but then the headwinds took over for the climb up to the Alpine Divide (8,550 ft.). Fortunately, the scenery offered lots to take your mind off the winds and climbing.

Everyone rode congenially and had a fine time, successfully finding the information checkpoint on the Continental-Divide-bound Cruzville spur ("Apache RV Park").

See Mike Enfield's ride report on both brevets.

- John Lee Ellis

RUSA# Time   Rider
1534:34Ellis, John Lee
20324:35Foss, Tom
5:51Garcia, Sheridan
5:34Knoblauch, Tom
4:34Kolm, Christopher
28564:03Kraychy, Jim
4:50McDonald, Sargent
4:08Newton, Gerry
11404:37Noris, Peter
27126:12Quince, Devin
6:12Quince, Heidi
4:03Rudolph, Steve
5:08Snavely, Henry
4:21Zeisig, Theo
Record Warmth and a Mountain Thrown In!

The final randonnée of the year saw 88 degree temps, plenty of sun, plenty of wind, and a smattering of fall colors on the Plains. Road construction in Lyons nixed the spur up Apple Valley, the linchpin of the ride, so riders instead climbed the Rabbit Mountain road.

Thanks especially to ride leader Carol Chaffee, taking a break between setting a new UMCA Colorado border-to-border record the week before, and winning Furnace Creek 508 one week later!

- John Lee Ellis

122km -- 18 June 2005 -- Copper Triangle
RUSA# Time   Rider
5:40Benoit, Diane
5:49Billings, Marland
28554:40Chaffee, Carol
5:34Clark, Drew
14715:04Foley, Paul
5:04Liedtke, Brian
4:33Rosenthal, Harris
4:28Rudolph, Steve
5:07Shannon, Kelly
6:57Snavely, Henry

Under virtually cloudless, bright blue skies, brightened further by hefty leftover snow in the crevasses, 17 starters (yet only 10 finishers) soaked up the pre-summer mountain scenery for this clockwise Copper Triangle. Some club-ride riders choses to ride counterclockwise, providing yet another chance for social encounter.

Times for mountain routes tend to spread a lot, even moreso on this one as some riders went for the optional, hilly Turquoise Lake loop out of Leadville, boosting the fun quotient even further.

Another big thanks to Carol Chaffee for leading this "challenging" populaire!

- John Lee Ellis

122km -- 23 April 2005 -- Lefthand Canyon - Estes Park
RUSA# Time   Rider
6:03Carlson, James
28554:38Chaffee, Carol
5:17Clark, Drew
14715:39Foley, Paul
4:18Gregory, Robin
6:09Hoff, Peter
5:11Howard, Mark
28665:50Jeter, Lukas
5:25Kahler, Geoff
4:18Kalisch, Tim
5:39Liedtke, Brian
4:57Marquette, Brian
4:20McDonald, Sargent
4:53Michel, Mark
4:59Oehman, Amy
4:20Rudolph, Steve
6:17Russon, Rick
6:17Seidel, John
5:15Snavely, Henry
5:21Zeisig, Theo
Neither wind nor snow!

As other RMCC riders bronzed themselves on the Spring Contrail in New Mexico and Arizona, a great turnout of 21 riders were blessed by an absence of both chinook winds and spring snows as in years past, so we can declare success with this Populaire!

Once again, a big thanks to Carol Chaffee for leading these April populaires. Carol is fast enough to finish in time to meet and greet most every other finisher - an added plus!

- John Lee Ellis

122km -- 10 April 2005 -- Horsetooth - Ft. Collins - Windsor
RUSA# Time   Rider
Winterlike Weather Nixes Populaire!

Balmy weather into the 70's on Friday bore no resemblance to Sunday's wintry blast, a foot or more of heavy, wet snow blowing in in blizzard, near white-out conditions!

Peter Noris e-mailed ostensibly from the ride start asking where everybody was - what a randonneur!

- John Lee Ellis

116km -- 3 April 2005 -- Ft. Lupton - Keenesburg - Brighton
RUSA# Time   Rider
3:50Benoit, Diane
4:25Busch, Mike
28553:44Chaffee, Carol
4:42Clancy, John
28443:40Dodge, Tim
15764:04Favreau, Robin
24343:44Flanigan, John
20324:04Foss, Tom
4:36Garcia, Sheridan
4:45Haas, William
4:34Hartman, Bob
4:10Knoblauch, Tom
28563:52Kraychy, Jim
3:40Memelink, Chris
4:04Miller, Bob
11404:48Noris, Peter
4:04Oehmen, Amy
22994:04Phelps, Val
3:44Prendergast, Michael
27125:13Quince, Devin
3:40Rudolph, Steve
3:57Snavely, Henry
5:08Walker, Charles
A Springlike Start to the Populaires!

Balmy weather welcomed 28 riders on the traditional plains-fest out to Keenesburg for the season's first populaire. Riders included Val Phelps and Robin Favreau, who came all the way from Durango for this one. Val was a great help leading many a populaire before moving out west. Val and Robin are also riding the Casa Grande AZ brevet series.

Peter Noris replied to the observation that this was a recumbent-friendly course, that "it may look flat to you, but from down here ..."

Big thanks to Furnace Creek 508 veteran and all around bonne vivante Carol Chaffee on leading her first populaire - she has graciously volunteered to lead the April populaires!

- John Lee Ellis