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Colorado Last Chance 1200km Randonnée
"Venture to Kansas"
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Status: 2013 Edition Complete!
Dates: September 11-14, 2013, Wednesday-Saturday
Start Time: Sign-in 2:00am, Depart 3:00am  Inspection: September 10
Fee: US$195 (discount for RMCC members: $15) - includes bag drops, some food and lodging. Foreign payment options
Qualification: In the twelve months preceding the event, either a full brevet series (200km, 300km, 400km, 600km), or a 1000km brevet, or a 1200km randonnée (e.g., Paris-Brest-Paris, Cascade 1200, the Rocky Mountain 1200 ... or any other 1200k sanctioned by the Randonneurs Mondiaux or ACP).  Qualification for the 1000k and 1200k options are the same.  See details below.
Rider Limit: 45 rider limit on the combined 1200k and 1000k field, due to the nature of the event, geography, and accommodations.
1000km Option: Route is roughly the first 1000km of the 1200k route; fee and qualification requirements are the same as for the full 1200k; rider cap shared with 1200k. Final 200k - We plan to provide an event (RUSA brevet or permanent) to span the distance after the 1000k finish.
Jersey: Last Chance jersey/vest will be available for order - Short sleeve jersey, sleeveless jersey, windvest, and thermal vest available. Last Chance jersey at PBP'07

The Route – The route is an out-and-back from Boulder, Colorado, at the foot of the Colorado Front Range, across the Colorado eastern plains and into the western part of Kansas. Generally open, expansive terrain, mainly rolling, with the climbing comes in 50 and 100 foot rollers. This, plus the predominance of wind in this terrain – encourage riding together and the camaraderie this brings.

Support, Logistics, and Checkpoints – Limited support is provided, including some roving course monitoring. Three bagdrop opportunities are offered (at two sites). While personal support is not encouraged, personal support vehicles are permitted on the route, and because there are few alternate roads. However, they are allowed to meet and help riders only at the official checkpoints, except in case of emergency. Checkpoints are at establishments along the route, not staffed by event officials, except for the bagdrop sites, which are staffed. Food and drink are provided at the bagdrop checkpoints (included in fee). Consult the rider info page for where services are located along the route, and their opening times. Some towns do not have all-night services, and Eastern Colorado is especially sparse, so factor this into your riding plans.

Stages and Accommodation – As much of the route is sparsely populated, we recommend certain stage lengths, with limited night riding. The stages 251, 219, 180, and 103 miles, respectively. At these points, food and bagdrop are provided, and at the first two, lodging is provided - included in the fee. Those going for a faster time can make use of the bagdrops, but will need to ride longer stages. Lodging (noted on Rider Info) is also available in a number of the towns along the route in Kansas, and a few in Eastern Colorado.

Weather – September traditionally offers tranquil weather in Colorado with mild temperatures. Danger of tornadoes, thunderstorms, lightning, hail, snow, and high (chinook) winds are low. Mean daily temperature range for the Front Range at this time are 48°F to 77°F (9°C to 25°C). However, it is common to encounter highs in the 90's as you descend into Kansas, and temps can dip into the upper 30's at night in Colorado.

Terrain – The route is rolling to strongly rolling, characterized by wide expanses and areas with few trees. Agriculture, grazing land, and cactus-populated sandhills predominate in eastern Colorado, crops and grazing in Kansas. The final stage of the route offers a vista of the Rocky Mountain Front Range. Maximum altitude is 5400 ft., which should not greatly riders coming from lower elevations.

Traffic – Traffic on most of the course is moderate to low. This country is sparsely populated, I-70 and I-76 drawing away the bulk of through traffic, leaving our route relatively quiet. There is some truck traffic between Norton and Oberlin, KS - please use the shoulders, be polite, and ride single file to allow traffic to pass.

Qualifying – To qualify, riders may complete, in the twelve months preceding the event, a full brevet series, or a 1000km brevet, or a 1200km randonnée (for example, Boston-Montréal-Boston or the Cascade 1200), or submit a résumé to the Event Organizer for consideration.  A "full brevet series" consists of 200km, 300km, 400km, and 600km ACP or RUSA-sanctioned brevets. For any of these, the rider may substitute a brevet of greater distance (for example, a 500km RUSA brevet for the 400km requirement).  RUSA Permanents may be substituted for the 200k, 300k, or 400k brevet if there is no brevet series local to the rider, or for other extenuating circumstances - consult the Event Organizer. Qualifying events do not need to be ridden in order of increasing distance.  Local riders may wish to consider the Colorado Brevets.

Registering  – Last Chance registration and refund policies are designed to let those most serious and committed to riding the Last Chance make plans with more confidence. You may register before completely qualifying - this to allow folks in wintrier climates to reserve a spot. See "Status" above for dates.

  • Interest List Period - The initial Interest List period lets riders and volunteers express interest, so we can gauge interest level and folks can see who might be riding.
  • Pre-Registration Period - Registration opens with an initial, multi-week pre-registration period: riders who send in registration and fee are put on the Rider List or, if necessary, Waiting List, by lottery selection.
  • General Registration - After the pre-registration period, availability is first-come, first-served (in order the application and fee were sent).
  • Waiting List - Riders registering while the rider limit is filled are added to the Waiting List in the order in which they apply, and move up as cancellations occur.
To get a spot on the Confirmed Rider or Waiting List, respectively, submit a Last Chance Application together with full payment. If you are registering before completing your qualification, submit your qualifying info separately when you've completed it. (There is an online form to do so.)

Refunds  – Cancellations by July 31: full refund minus $10. From August 1-31: 50% refund. In September prior to event: 25% refund. Again, our policy is designed to encourage you to ride if you can, and if you find you can't, free up the limited space for other riders who would like to. Attire refunds: full refund until the order is placed with the manufacturer; after that point, no refund.

Online Payment - You may apply and pay pay online for event fee and optional RMCC membership. There is a small transaction fee for online payment. Jersey/vest orders go directly to Voler, our vendor.

Foreign Payment If you are living outside the US, you may pay online (the best solution) send a check or money order in US dollars .


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