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2006 Brevet Series Results

200km - Apr 23  |   200km - May 6  |   Flèche - May 13  |   300km - May 20   
400km - June 10  |   1000km - June 11-13  |   600km - June 24-25   |   1000km - June 24-26
Grand Loop - July 8  |   1000km - July 15-17  |   200km - July 29   |  Denver-Aspen 300k - Aug 5   
Durango 200k - Aug 12   |  Peak-to-Peak 300k - Aug 19   |  Last Chance 1200k - Sept 13-16   |  200k - Sept 23

Results Certification
For ACP-sanctioned events (all of our brevets, plus the Flèche and Last Chance) our results postings are technically preliminary -
indicated by "§" below - pending certification from the ACP.
Consult the RUSA Result Processing Status for ACP certification and other processing status.
You can find your certification numbers at RUSA Results Search.


2006 Brevet Series in Review

147 cyclists participated in one or more brevets or populaires, up from 134 the prior year! The table below shows the growth in number of rides and their ridership:
LengthTypeRoute’06 Date 20062005200420032002200120001999
116kmpopulaireKeenesburg9-Apr4328 29x17---
120kmpopulaireHorsetooth12-Apr28x 112813---
120kmpopulaireEstes Park29-Apr2821 418x---
200kmbrevetStove Prairie6-May5852 535639241619
24 hrflècheFront Range13-May49 975---
300kmbrevetBlack Forest20-May4835 335022191216
400kmbrevetLefthand10-Jun3529 28421481017
600kmbrevetDevil's Gulch24-Jun2414 2140108521
1000kmbrevetLefthand - Ft. Morgan24-Jun1 3341--
300kmbrevetGrand Loop8-Jul2217 13863--
125kmpopulaireBarr LakeJul-- 4-----
1000kmbrevetLefthand-Ft. Morgan15-Julx1------
200kmbrevetBlack Forest 29-Jul821 20-----
300kmbrevetDenver-Aspen5-Aug1822 1721----
200kmbrevetDurango*12-Aug14- ------
1200kmrandonnéeLast Chance13-Sep3432 14-134--
125kmpopulaireCopper Triangle16-Sepx179x11---
200kmbrevetStove Prairie23-Sep1915 15201213--
125kmpopulaireApple Valley10-Oct514 10-----
Totals  376351 305293166804373
Distinct Riders   147 134 115 92     
“-” = not scheduled  “x” = cancelled  "*" = new for 2006
   Thank you for riding with us. We hope they've been satisfying for you, and that 2007 will offer you further chances for personal accomplishment and comaraderie with others.

We had riders from Arizona, British Columbia, California, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Ontario, Saskachewan, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington – and elsewhere! – in addition to many veterans and rookies from our region. Some highlights from this year:

  • Another record Spring Populaire and 200k turnout – Continued growh in spring populaires and 200k.
  • Fast Grand Loop 300k! – Record times to Fall River Pass, after rescheduling because of severe weather.
  • Another record Last Chance turnout – Another successful, albeit much windier, Last Chance 1200k.
A Special Thanks to our Staff – RMCC President Charlie Henderson, who ran the Grand Loop and Denver-Aspen 300k’s and was was once again the trail boss out on the range on the Last Chance 1200k; Tom Foss, who handled registration for the entire series and ran the September 200km brevet; Val Phelps who organized and ran the Durango 200k; Carol Chaffee Havrda, who ran a number of the Populaires, and Jim Kraychy who ran populaires as well, … and last but not least, our friend and Arizona RBA Susan Plonsky, who rode and ran some of our brevets!!


200km Brevet -- 23 September, 2006 -- Stove Prairie - Poudre Canyon - Horsetooth  §
RUSA# Time   Rider
8:58Augenstein, Larry
pend.11:19Eason, David *
1539:17Ellis, John Lee
7:15Ellis, Randy
20329:10Foss, Tom
7:34Fourney, Robert
610:00Henderson, Charlie
7:12Kalisch, Tim
35557:50Knoblauch, Tom
36007:40Koenig, Gary
7:12McDonald, Sargent
35897:55Nansel, Alan
8:52Newton, Gerry
31998:58Odorizzi, Greg
8:53Parry, Diana
7:34Pogorelz, Robert
29937:40Wiss, Dick
* First Brevet!

Nicest, Most Colorful 200k ever!

Bright sun, balmy temps, and splendid fall colors accompanied the 9/30 reschedule of the fall Stove Prairie 200km brevet. Only a week before, snow threatened on the event date, occasioning the postponement. Ride starter Tom Foss (thank you, Tom!) continues ...

A mixed group of 19 randonneurs, (and 17 finishers), and several Last Chance luminaries, rolled out of the parking lot for our final brevet of the season. The day started cool, but quickly warmed up to a beautiful Indian summer day. Riders enjoyed bright autumn colors south of Masonville to the summit of Stove Prairie and a somewhat windy finish from there on back to Mead. If entertainment from the bike wasn’t enough, riders could have stopped to enjoy the Ellis Ranch Pumpkin Patch Festival at Hwy 34 and Road 29 (no relation to our local RBA), a carnival at the Berthoud city park, or a wine tasting at the local Berthoud liquor store – see what you miss when you’re in a hurry to get home?

Congratulations to James Mapes, David Eason and Mathew McNatt on coming out for their first brevet.

- Tom Foss

1200km Randonnée -- 13 September, 2006 -- "Last Chance" §
     Rider checkpoint progress and elapsed times


300km Brevet -- 19 August, 2006 -- "Peak-to-Peak" §
RUSA# Time   Rider
14:08Conner, Shaun
147112:00Foley, Paul
16:01Freeman, Gary
11:26Kalisch, Tim
11:26Kroonenberg, Stuart
12:00Liedke, Brian
311212:01Rupel, Ray
363912:52Schemmel, Jerry
299314:08Wiss, Dick

Soggiest Peak-to-Peak Start?

Despite threatening-looking weather, and rain that nipped at riders' heels to Estes Park (not unusual!), 9 riders (out of 10 starters) persevered and ended up with a good performance! Eustachia Bean, on her first brevet ever, made it past thunder and lightning as far as Estes Park.

Thanks to Charlie Henderson for leading this brevet!

- John Lee Ellis

300km Brevet -- 12 August, 2006 -- Durango - Aztec  §
RUSA# Time   Rider
12:26Beatty, Chuck
314710:11Foss, Ronaele
8:55Freeman, Gary
8:29Hannum, Neil
30968:58Jensen, Franklin
28567:43Kraychy, Jim
209410:04McCarter, Jackson
275012:26McCombs, Mick
9:38Newton, Gerry
9:38Parry, Diana
22997:43Phelps, Val
15767:43Phelps, Robin
34158:55Sanders, John
31008:58Wolff, Lonnie

First Durango 200k!

Thanks to Val Phelps for introducing randonneuring to this corner of the state, with our first Durango brevet! Herewith, his report:

"We had 14 official starters and one DNS leave the Durango Recreation Center with cool temperatures and a chance of rain. After a short ride through town we made the longest climb of the ride up Hesperus (a favorite local training hill). Our lone DNS then turned around and headed back for his car. He had made the trip from Denver only to discover he had forgotten his cycling shoes. He rode up Hesperus in his sandals but didn't think it wise to attempt a 200k without shoes that would actually clip into his pedals. I won't mention any names but the DNS usually rides a tandem with his wife Beth.

After our climb up Hesperus, we had a long gradual descent into New Mexico. We then turned east and had rolling hills to Aztec. From Aztec we had a very slight but steady uphill to the second climb, back in Colorado, up Bondad hill. After climbing Bondad, we had rolling hills to Ignacio. From Ignacio more rollers to Bayfield. Our third climb started after Bayfield and took us to Helen's store east of Durango. Many of us encountered rain near Bayfield and Helen's store. The final rolling hills took us from Helen's store to Durango. This ride is considered flat by Durango standards but one rider recorded 6100 feet of climbing in 125 miles.

We had three riders from Denver, two from New Mexico, two from Arizona, two from Utah, one from Colorado Springs, one from South Carolina, and three locals (including Robin & me) from Durango. All riders except one had brevet experience. The lone rookie (Neil Hannum - a Durango local) hung with Jim Krachy, Robin, and me for ninety plus miles until he fell off just before Bayfield. Neil made a brief stay under a tree to avoid the rain and finished shortly after Jim, Robin, and me. Quite the rookie performance!

After the ride, we had a barbeque at our house. It was fun to discuss the day's ride and hear stories about rides from around the country. Despite a few wrong turns everyone had a good time. We had fourteen starters and a 100% finishing rate."

- Val Phelps

300km Brevet -- 5 August, 2006 -- "Denver-Aspen" §
RUSA# Time   Rider
220715:45Gillespie, Mike
11:30Kalisch, Tim
355513:30Knoblauch, Tom
285611:30Kraychy, Jim
163511:40Kroonenberg, Stuart
10:23Matteson, Tracy
358916:00Nansel, Alan
319915:25Odorizzi, Greg
311212:10Rupel, Ray
361515:45Sauvé, Robert
11:55Shannon, Kelly
14:05Skruch, Kevin
11:35Zelhof, Andrew

Wettest, Fastest Denver-Aspen Yet?

This year's Denver-Aspen was a good ride, punctuated by wetness and the threat of hypothermia at altitude (at Twin Lakes, not to mention Independence Pass), and thankfully no fields of hailstones as in years past! We had a generally very fast group (nice going, guys!!), a number of D-A rookies who did well, and the highest RUSA membership proportion yet on this event!

Thanks to Charlie Henderson for leading this brevet!

- John Lee Ellis

300km Brevet -- 29 July, 2006 -- "Black Forest" - Castle Rock - Elbert - Black Forest  §
RUSA# Time   Rider
7:28Erickson, Karl
7967:57Farnsworth, Rex
21458:30Myers, Beth
21298:30Myers, Brent
9918:18Plonsky, Susan
36158:28Sauvé, Robert
35517:30Snavely, Henry
29937:45Wiss, Dick

Below: Ride leader Susan Plonsky.
Smallest, Hottest Black Forest 200k Yet!

Like the Grand Loop reschedule (below), this year's Black Forest 200k featured a 100% finishing rate and (only) 8 riders ... perhaps in part as some riders had to choose between this and the Grand Loop, which started four hours earlier the same day.

Despite being hotter than last year, when it was toasty enough to sideline more than one rider, everyone finished this one, including Dick Wiss on his first brevet since breaking his clavicle on a fall on the Black Forest 300k last May. So Dick is clearly back in the saddle and we're glad to see him riding with us again!

Casa Grande, Ariz. RBA Susan Plonsky was gracious enough to lead this brevet, and was expeditious enough to finish a few minutes ahead of much of the field, and so give them a proper finish-line greeting. Thank you, Susan!

- John Lee Ellis

300km Brevet -- 8 July, 2006 (29 July, 2006) -- "Grand Loop" - Trail Ridge Road - Berthoud Pass - Lariat Loop  ‡
RUSA# Time   Rider
12:56Caruso, Scott *
12:56Ellis, Randy
285514:00Havrda, Carol Ann
328916:30Havrda, Robert *
12:53Kalisch, Tim
285612:53Kraychy, Jim
319916:30Odorizzi, Greg
311213:25Rupel, Ray *
* First Grand Loop!
Wettest/Driest, Coldest/Hottest Grand Loop Yet?

July 8 - A record 22 riders milled around at the ride start in Golden, as drenching showers and the prospect for sleet, snow, and hypothermia at altitude beckoned. The ride was cancelled for safety reasons, a first in the history of the Grand Loop.

Having come all the way from Cedar City UT, Franklin Clair Jensen and Lonnie Wolff made the best of the day by riding the James Canyon Jaunt 200km Permanent, soggy at times but not frigid.

July 29 - Under cloudless skies, the rescheduled ride drew 8 riders and produced a 100% finishing rate, fast times, and in fact a course record (5:47) reaching the Alpine Visitors Center at Fall River Pass (12,000 ft.) on Trail Ridge Road.

While the front-end riders' performance was impressive - as usual! - a special commendation to rookie Grand Looper Robert Havrda not only for finishing but for sticking by Greg Odorizzi through some low points and assuring that 100% finishing rate!

- John Lee Ellis

‡  This event did not receive ACP or RUSA credit, as it was rescheduled beyond the ACP rescheduling deadlines.

1000km Brevet -- 15 July 2006 -- Lefthand Canyon - Ft. Morgan - Big Thompson Canyon  §
RUSA# 400k 600k Time   Rider
355517:0535:5549:25Knoblauch, Tom *
* First 1000k ... and a course record!
Below: Tom finishing ride at 5:25am.
Hottest? ... and FASTEST 1000k!

Scorching hundred-degree-or-so temps greeted this event the first and second day. But Tom Knoblauch persevered through the heat, and then did an end-run for the third segment by riding through the night to finish in record time ... by a long shot!

Tom, a 1000km rookie (and Last Chance 1200k finisher!), says he had to get back to work on Monday, so couldn't afford the extra time to take a nap and finish late on Monday as everyone else has in years past. Helmets off to Tom!

- John Lee Ellis

Stay tuned for a photo!

1000km Brevet -- 24 June 2006 -- St. Vrain Canyon - Ft. Morgan - Big Thompson Canyon  §
RUSA# 400k 600k Time   Rider
34117:2053:2265:25Werner, Glen *
* nth Colo. 1000k!
Most Upbeat 1000k Yet?

Clear skies and mild temps rewarded Glen on the second and third days of his 1000k, after a storm-tossed first day that tanked more than one 600k rider. The PBP'03 and London-Edinburg-London 1400k veteran seemed relaxed at the finish, resplendent in his green wool jersey, ready for more!

- John Lee Ellis

Stay tuned for a photo!

600km Brevet -- 24 June 2006 - St. Vrain Canyon - Devil's Gulch - Big Thompson Canyon - Wellington §
RUSA# Time   Rider
41030:50Baranczyk, Merle
30:50Crossland, Ann
290037:23Dick, Nathan
15331:32Ellis, John Lee
79633:10Farnsworth, Rex
23:55Fulton, Mike
633:10Henderson, Charlie
358535:00Herget, Scott
355526:45Knoblauch, Tom
360032:10Koenig, Gary
214537:07Myers, Beth
212937:07Myers, Brent
157630:50Phelps, Robin
229930:50Phelps, Val
32:10Pogorelz, Robert
327130:50Slauson, James
355134:15Snavely, Henry
359034:10Whitley, Rob
Most Differentiated 600k Yet?

A variegated forecast greeted 24 starters (and 18 finishers). Riders asked themselves what the first day portended with a stiff, buffeting north wind accompanying the initial pre-dawn miles. And yet the rest of the first, 400km, loop was a very differentiated experience depended very much on where you were and when on the route. Early and late riders got hammered (or "BRUTALIZED" as one veteran expressed it). A select few encountered a sprinkle or two. The next, 200km, loop was lyrical, except for the earliest, through-the-night, riders.

In addition to the valiant finishers, we doff our helmets to starters Will DeRosset, John Elmblad, Mike Fox, Peter Hoff, Philip Lee (from Omaha), and Greg Odorizzi!

More rider details to follow ...

- John Lee Ellis

400km Brevet -- 10 June 2006 -- Lefthand Canyon - St. Vrain Canyon - Wellington §
Complete Results - 13-Jun-2006
RUSA# Time   Rider
231716:44Aranda, Jasmine
339421:50Baker, Philip
41015:28Baranczyk, Merle
81821:00Barday, Bob
240114:58deRossett, William
290016:44Dick, Nathan
21:35Egelhoff, Martin
15315:28Ellis, John Lee
192721:50Elmblad, John
147115:28Foley, Paul
203217:42Foss, Tom
90821:50Fox, Mike
16:42Fulton, Mike
106016:42Grealish, Chris
618:46Henderson, Charlie
358521:50Herget, Scott
323016:39Hoff, Peter
16:44Khalilinia, Sean
355514:51Knoblauch, Tom
360016:12Koenig, Gary
285615:15Kraychy, Jim
163515:15Kroonenberg, Stuart
358917:42Nansel, Alan
114023:50Noris, Peter
319917:12Odorizzi, Greg
99119:16Plonsky, Susan
157615:28Phelps, Robin
229915:28Phelps, Val
150319:16Simmons, Eric
184215:28Smith, Vernon
355117:02Snavely, Henry
30921:50Staggs, Ben
320621:50Terner, David
359021:35Whitley, Rob
Tailwindiest 400k Yet?

A summery forecast greeted 35 starters. And yet clouds and the hint of a cool front kept riders comfortable much of the day!

More rider details to follow ...

- John Lee Ellis

300km Brevet -- 20 May 2006 -- Black Forest  §
RUSA# Time   Rider
231712:43Aranda, Jasmine
41013:06Baranczyk, Merle
81815:33Barday, Bob
240111:47deRossett, William
290013:06Dick, Nathan
15:05Egelhoff, Martin
15311:48Ellis, John Lee
11:05Ellis, Randy
192715:33Elmblad, John
79613:36Farnsworth, Rex
10:00Fletcher, Steve
147111:05Foley, Paul
203213:24Foss, Tom
90815:15Fox, Mike
11:00Fulton, Mike
106012:40Grealish, Chris
11:05Hallam, Eric
13:03Hecomovich, Paul
613:36Henderson, Charlie
358515:33Herget, Scott
23139:53Howe, James
13:06Kestner, Marcia
355510:30Knoblauch, Tom
13:03Koenig, Gary
28569:53Kraychy, Jim
163510:00Kroonenberg, Stuart
15:00Long, Beth
11:05Liedtke, Brian
30839:53Lucas, Rob
9:53McDonald, Sargent
13:06McLeod, Robert
12:31Michel, Mark
212915:00Myers, Brent
114016:52Noris, Peter
319911:47Odorizzi, Greg
13:03Pasque, Dave
99113:58Plonsky, Susan
12:36Pogorelz, Robert
13:47Potter, Lori
310810:26Shenk, Catherine
150315:33Simmons, Eric
184211:05Smith, Vernon
30915:33Staggs, Ben
355112:31Snavely, Henry
13:24Weiland, Mark
13:35Werner, Glen
359015:05Whitley, Rob
Fastest 300k Yet?

A summery forecast greeted 48 starters. Clouds and blustery sprinkles conspired at strategic periods to cut what might have been quite a scorcher. That didn't keep numerous finishing times from being pretty hot!

For Rob Lucas of Colorado Springs, this was a last-minute tune-up before heading for the Race Across AMerica, solo division. Finishing with the front group in 9h53m, looks like he's ready! You can follow Rob's progress on the RAAM website.

Our thoughts and sympathy are with veteran Dick Wiss who took a fall on Spruce Mtn. Rd. and fractured his collarbone. Dick was quickly attended to, taken to hospital and treated. We wish him a speedy recovery and return to the normal discomforts of randonneuring!

More rider details to follow ...

- John Lee Ellis

Flèche -- 13 May 2006 -- Colorado Front Range Flèche  §

Team Prairie Dog - 232.5 Miles
153 Ellis, John Lee (captain) (5)
796 Farnsworth, Rex (3)
3230  Hoff, Peter *
6 Henderson, Charlie (4)

* First flèche!
(x) xth flèche!
Balmiest Flèche Yet!

Under positively balmy conditions, 1 single flèche team took to the field, one fewer than in 2005. Although generally a fine ride, the Prairie Dogs suffered one major disappointment, as the neatly-lettered sign on the Glen Haven store proclaimed: "Cinnamon Rolls! Opening May 20th."

More details to come ...

- John Lee Ellis  

200km Brevet -- 6 May 2006 -- Horsetooth - Poudre Canyon - Stove Prairie  §
RUSA# Time   Rider
23178:15Aranda, Jasmine
7:46Archambault, Ilka
4108:50Baranczyk, Merle
8189:56Barday, Bob
17629:05Boethling, Fred
9:59Busch, Mike
8:27Clancy, John *
24017:28deRossett, William
29008:08Dick, Nathan
1537:46Ellis, John Lee
6:53Ellis, Randy *
19279:59Elmblad, John
7968:53Farnsworth, Rex
6:55Fletcher, Steve *
14717:13Foley, Paul
314710:30Foss, Ronaele *
20328:52Foss, Tom
9089:18Fox, Mike
22079:25Gillespie, Mike
10607:46Grealish, Chris
7:13Hallam, Eric
9:59Handy, Keith
28556:40Chaffee, Carol
32899:05Havrda, Robert
68:53Henderson, Charlie
35859:40Herget, Scott *
6:08Kalisch, Tim
8:53Kestner, Marcia
35556:50Knoblauch, Tom
8:27Koenig, Gary
28566:08Kraychy, Jim
16356:50Kroonenberg, Stuart
8:57Long, Beth
7:13Liedtke, Brian
6:08McDonald, Sargent
8:53McLeod, Robert *
7:20Michel, Mark
21298:57Myers, Brent
8:14Nansel, Alan
7:40Newton, Gerry
114011:40Noris, Peter
31997:30Odorizzi, Greg
8:59Parry, Diana *
15767:15Phelps, Robin
22997:15Phelps, Val
6:08Rudolph, Steve
31157:25Rupel, Ray
35428:53Russon, Rick
31086:55Shenk, Catherine
18427:15Smith, Vernon
6:50Simon, Lyn *
18427:15Smith, Vernon
7:13Skruch, Kevin *
35518:00Snavely, Henry
32068:56Terner, David *
29938:27Wiss, Dick
8:27Weiland, Mark *
9:56Wood, Gail *
* First Brevet!
Largest 200k Yet!

A less than stellar weather forecast didn't keep a record 58 starters (with a 100% finishing rate) from this year's Stove Prairie climb fest! Undaunted, they were rewarded by splendid conditions, mild 60's and low 70's weather, with just a brief sprinkle for a few riders, and lack of troublesome winds.

We were honored to be joined by Gary Koenig, founder of the brevet series in 1994. From 1994-98, Gary did a great job establishing the series and establishing randonneuring in our area. Many of us remember his events with appreciation.

More rider details to follow ...

- John Lee Ellis

200km Brevet -- 23 Apr 2006 -- Show Low AZ - Salt River Canyon - Globe  §
RUSA# Time   Rider
27519:35Enfield, Mike
99111:05Plonsky, Susan
311812:25Williams, Steve
Windiest 200k Yet!

In our second Arizona foray, 10 starters braved roaring winds, all of them making it to Globe, but only 3 finishing officially, including Arizonans Mike Enfield and Susan Plonsky (Arizona RBA), and Aspenite Steven Williams.

More details to follow ...

- John Lee Ellis

Populaire Results

129km -- 10 October 2006 -- "Apple Valley"    
RUSA# Time   Rider
35554:16Knoblauch, Tom
35514:35Snavely, Henry
Also started:
Hech, Ken
Maddox, Tom
Towne, Brad

Peak Colors!

Cool, overcast conditions kept the crowds down, but those who rode enjoyed dry conditions with still peak colors in an autumnal atmosphere. Thank to Tom Foss for leading this end-of-season populaire!

- John Lee Ellis

112km -- 16 September 2006 -- "Copper Triangle"    
RUSA# Time   Rider

A Wash-Out!

From as far away as Byers, Last Chance Saturday finishers spied roiling clouds above the Divide as they rode the final miles of the event. Saturday afternoon finishers enjoyed 40-50 mph chinook winds. West of the Divide, those clouds were dousing hopes of a bright, sunny foliage fest on the Copper Triangle.

A big thanks to Carol Chaffee for driving from Durango to Copper Mountain to perform ride leader duties!

- John Lee Ellis

112km -- 29 April 2006 -- Lefthand Canyon - Estes Park    
RUSA# Time   Rider
23175:27Aranda, Jasmine
5:37Ellis, Randy
14715:00Foley, Paul
9086:39Fox, Mike
5:58Kestner, Marcia
35554:34Knoblauch, Tom
28565:24Kraychy, Jim
5:34Newton, Gerry
31995:10Odorizzi, Greg
6:30Pogorelz, Robert
4:19Rudolph, Steve
5:49Seidel, John
4:49Simmons, Alan
5:35Weiland, Mark
7:19Wood, Gail
Blustery (that is, Seasonable)!

More details to follow!

- John Lee Ellis

122km -- 16 April 2006 -- Horsetooth - Ft. Collins - Windsor
RUSA# Time   Rider
23174:47Aranda, Jasmine
28553:57Chaffee, Carol
29004:47Dick, Nathan
32564:47Emme, Siegfried
20324:56Foss, Tom
9085:15Fox, Mike
5:30Freeman, Gary
3:57Kalisch, Tim
4:25Katz, Seymour
4:25Newton, Gerry
31994:35Odorizzi, Greg
5:16Perryman, Eric
5:16Potter, Lori
4:47Raymond, Peter
3:57Rudolph, Steve
4:37Schaefer, Tim
5:09Shields, Dan
4:25Simmons, Alan
5:03Snavely, Henry
4:56Ulmer, Allison
6:07Velamparambil, Sanjay
4:56Whiteman, Stephen
Summer and Speed Continue!

Balmier weather still welcomed 28 riders (22 finishers) on the scenic, hilly, but not too punishing Horsetooth populaire!

More details to follow!

- John Lee Ellis

116km -- 9 April 2006 -- Ft. Lupton - Keenesburg - Brighton
RUSA# Time   Rider
23174:46Aranda, Jasmine
6:15Bergen, Larry
28553:34Chaffee, Carol
4:51Cohen, Brian
29004:46Dick, Nathan
4:24Epstein, Bruce
24343:52Flanigan, John
31475:24Foss, Ronaele
20324:20Foss, Tom
9085:23Fox, Mike
3:48Havrda, Robert
4:53Herman, Glenn
32303:40Hoff, Peter
3:46Fulton, Mike
3:32Herzberger, Matt
5:30Johnson, Eric
4:24Johnson, Terry
5:23Kestner, Marcia
3:34Knoblauch, Tom
3:34McDonald, Sargent
4:24McShane, Mac
5:21Parry, Diana
22993:48Phelps, Val
4:40Potter, Lori
4:24Quick, Darrel
3:48Richter, Gary
4:20Rosenthal, Harris
3:34Rudolph, Steve
4:45Russon, Rick
4:24Shields, Dan
3:34Skinner, Chris
4:20Snavely, Henry
3:58Stefely, Ernie
6:16Stotter, Jason
5:14Thompson, Joanne
6:13Velamparambil, Sanjay
32685:30Vincent, Jack
32695:30Vincent, Kristi
5:23Wood, Gail
A Summery Start to the Populaires!

Balmy weather welcomed 43 riders on the traditional plains-fest out to Keenesburg for the season's first populaire, a big jump from 28 riders last year. It started balmy ... and became downright summery! At least one rider to show up had been skiing the day before.

Once again, we had far-flung riders such as Val Phelps and Robert Havrda, who came from Durango, Eric Johnson from Quinter KS, and newcomers to randonneuring, including Ronaele Foss from Colorado Springs and Sanjay Velamparambil from Superior, and quite a few others - welcome to all!

Big thanks once again to Carol Chaffee on a great job leading this populaire - starting her second season of leading these randonnées and any others that could use her help and savoir faire!

- John Lee Ellis