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About the Brevets

· Sign-In/Inspection/Departure - Riders depart together at the prescribed departure time. Be ready to sign in and have your bicycle inspected at least a half hour before departure and especially for the shorter (better attended) brevets, plan to arrive an hour before departure.  All routes finish where they start, unless otherwise indicated.
· Pre-Registration - Pre-registration allows us to staff and supply the ride appropriately. If the ride must be cancelled or rescheduled, registered riders can be informed. Pre-registrants may also receive materials such as route maps in advance. A few brevets require confirmed pre-registration.  
· How to Register - You may register online, or by mail using printing off and filling in the online form, or by e-mailing the brevet administrator.
· RMCC membership - is required, for insurance reasons, to ride all brevets and populaires unless noted. If you do not have a current RMCC membership, you may send in your membership application and fee with the registration form, mail it separately, or bring it to the event start.
· Randonneurs USA membership - is optional. However, for events 200km and longer, riders who are not RUSA members at the time of the event will need to pay a $5 at the event start, to cover RUSA's costs. You may join/renew with RUSA up to and including the event start. This fee doesn't apply to Populaires.
· Qualifying - If a brevet requires pre-qualification, the event director will contact you after you register.
· Rules - Please read the brevet rules carefully before coming to the ride. Please also study the waiver which riders sign on at the event start. Bonne route!
· Medals - RUSA members may order an ACP medal directly from RUSA after successfully completing an Audax Club Parisien-sanctioned brevet. You may order medals individually or for multiple events (more economical). All our brevets are ACP sanctioned unless otherwise noted on the schedule. (1200km events and events under 200km are not ACP-sanctioned.)
· Results and Recognition - Your result is listed on our results pages and if you are a RUSA member, on the RUSA website as well.

About Randonneuring

· What is Randonneuring? - "Randonneuring" is the French term for ranging over an extended, challenging course. Its tradition goes back to the start of cycling in France and Italy. Brevets are randonneuring events: non-competitive endurance rides requiring self-sufficiency… and occasional bursts of tenacity. Camaraderie is encouraged. Learn more ...
· What are Brevets? - "Brevet" means “certificate” - your ride is validated with its own certificate number, and your result posted. You authenticate that you've completed the route by having your control card validated at a number of controls along the route and at the finish.
· Randonneurs USA - These events - like others across the country - are sanctioned by Randonneurs USA (RUSA). Joining RUSA helps support randonneuring. And as a RUSA member, you are eligible for awards, your results are listed on the national website, and you receive the informative American Randonneur magazine.

About Populaires

· What is a Populaire? - A Populaire is a brevet-format ride shorter than 200km (100km-199km), run under the same rules and using the same kind of control cards as brevets.
· Learn about Brevets - Populaires let you learn how brevets work and get inside tips from brevet veterans.
· Prepare for the spring Brevets - Spring populaires help you build conditioning and pacing for the brevets that start in April and May.
· Learn about RUSA and Longer Randonnées - Populaires are a good chance to learn about Randonneurs USA and think about longer randonnées such as the Colorado Last Chance, Cascade 1200, or Shenandoah 1200.
· Results and Recognition - Populaire results, like brevet results, are posted not only here but with RUSA, and count towards RUSA Distance Awards.