2021 Schedule

About the Brevets

· Sign-In/Inspection/Departure - Special rules and procedures are in effect during this period. This includes the use of photo controls and GPS tracks, and a touchless approach to starting, riding, and finishing. For details, see the Rider Safety Checklist.
· Pre-Registration - Pre-registration allows us to staff and supply the ride appropriately. Pre-registrants may also receive materials and notifications in advance. A few brevets require pre-registration.
· How to Register - You may register online, or by mail using printing off and filling in the online form, or by e-mailing the brevet administrator.
· RMCC membership - is required to ride our events unless noted. Membership dues fund our normal brevets, populaires, and team events. If you do not have a current RMCC membership, you may join/renew online, or bring a paper application and check to the event start.
· Randonneurs USA (RUSA) membership - is now also required. You may join/renew with RUSA up to and including the event start. In addition to supporting the sport of randonneuring in the US, as a RUSA member you can qualify for and purchase awards, view your results on the RUSA website, and you receive the quarterly American Randonneur magazine.
· Qualifying - A few events require qualifying - because of their difficulty or distance. Qualification details are noted on the schedule.
· Rules - Please read the brevet rules carefully before coming to the ride. Please also study the waiver which riders sign at the event start.
· Medals - RUSA members may order an ACP medal directly from RUSA after successfully completing an Audax Club Parisien-sanctioned brevet. You may order medals individually or for multiple events. All our brevets are ACP sanctioned unless otherwise noted on the schedule. Other Awards - These events also count towards other RUSA and ACP awards.
· Results and Recognition - Your result is listed on our results pages and if you are a RUSA member, on the RUSA website as well.

About Randonneuring

· What is Randonneuring? - "Randonneuring" is the French term for ranging over an extended, challenging course. Its tradition goes back to the start of cycling in France and Italy. Brevets are randonneuring events: non-competitive endurance rides requiring self-sufficiency… and occasional bursts of tenacity. Camaraderie is encouraged.
· What are Brevets? - "Brevet" means "certificate" - your ride is validated with its own certificate number, and your result posted. You authenticate that you've completed the route by having your control card validated at a number of controls along the route and at the finish. Most of the controls on our brevets are at stores.
· Randonneurs USA - These events - like others across the country - are sanctioned by Randonneurs USA (RUSA). Joining RUSA helps support randonneuring. And as a RUSA member, you are eligible for awards, your results are listed on the national website, and you receive the informative American Randonneur magazine.

About Populaires

· What is a Populaire? - A Populaire is a brevet-format ride shorter than 200km (100km-199km), run under the same rules and using the same kind of control cards as brevets.
· Learn about Brevets - Populaires let you learn how brevets work and get inside tips from brevet veterans.
· Prepare for the spring Brevets - Spring populaires help you build conditioning and pacing for the brevets that start in April and May.
· Learn about RUSA and Longer Randonnées - Populaires are a good chance to learn about Randonneurs USA and think about longer randonnées such as the Colorado Last Chance, Colorado High Country, Cascade 1200, or Gold Rush Randonnée.
· Results and Recognition - Populaire results, like brevet results, are posted not only here but with RUSA, and count towards RUSA Distance Awards.