Event Status Interest List now open!
DatesJuly 11-14, 2016 (Monday - Thursday)
DeadlineJune 15 - to register and to qualify, but see below.
Rider Limit50
Entry Fee$350 - preliminary - includes bagdrops, lodging, food at overnights
Qualification200km, 300km, 400km, and 600km brevets
... or 1000km+ since July, 2015   DETAILS
1000k Option  Same qualification and within same rider limit as 1200k.
RegistrationAn application + payment reserves you a place on the rider list (or waiting list if the rider cap has been reached), pending your qualification.   DETAILS
Jersey/VestJerseys (short sleeve, sleeveless), vests (wind, thermal).
Climbing28,000 ft. (approx.)
Elev. Range5,100 ft. - 10,700 ft.

The Ride

The Colorado High Country 1200 explores the Northern Colorado Rockies and the striking Wyoming Snowy Range. The climbs are long but not steep. Many of the roads are quiet, off the beaten trail. There are four crossings above 10,000 ft. The total volume of climbing is very moderate, but you may feel it's a bit more effort because of the altitude. There are moose, elk, marmots, Gray and Stellers jays, and other mountain species to see and pass by close at hand.

We suggest stages of 220, 200, 193, and 150 miles, so that most of your riding is in daylight, when stores are open and you can appreciate the scenery and wildlife. We provide three controls with motel-room accommodations included ... and plenty of food for dinner, breakfast, and to take with you. The suggested stages also allow riders to regroup as they desire in the morning, for added camaraderie.

July is usually a comfortable, pleasant time to ride in the Colorado mountains, with chilly nights and balmy days, mainly sunny but with the chance of afternoon thunderstorms. So you should be prepared for the chilly mornings and the chance of a brisk shower in the mountains. See the Rider Info for details about terrain, weather, temperature ranges, getting to/from the event start location, and services along the route.

Sending an application and entry fee gains you a spot on the Confirmed Rider List or - if the Confirmed List is full - on the Waiting List. This lets riders plan ahead before they've finished qualifying, while encouraging folks to free up their spots should their plans change.

Priority - Registration is first-come, first-served (based on when application and payment were received), with the possible exception of the first day of registration (below).

First Day Registration - If many more than 50 riders register on the first day, we may hold a lottery for those riders for placement on Confirmed vs. Waiting lists. Most likely, this will not be necessary. This is to alleviate stress about logging in the moment registration is open.

Payment - You may pay online or by check in US dollars.

Qualification - You may apply before qualifying. If you have not yet qualified, note this on your application, and give us the details when you do complete qualifying. (There is a separate online form to report qualifying rides.) If you have not qualified by the qualification deadline, or made special arrangements with us, your spot will be freed. If the qualification deadline poses difficulties, contact us.

Cancellation - You may cancel by notifying us and receive a full refund if you are on the Waiting List, or a partial refund if you are on the Confirmed list. Preliminary policy for confirmed riders (subject to change):

· Before May 1: full refund minus $25
· May 1- May 31: full refund minus $50
· June 1 - June 30: 50% refund.
· Thereafter: no refund.


Qualifying Events - Riders must complete, between July 1, 2015 and June 15, 2016, a Super-Randonneur series (200km, 300km, 400km, 600km brevets), or a 1000km or longer randonnée. Brevets do not need to be ridden in order of increasing distance. ACP or RUSA-sanctioned non-ACP brevets can be used.

Substitutions - A longer-distance brevet can be substituted for a given distance requirement - for example, an ACP 300km brevet or a RUSA 250km brevet for the 200km requirement. A RUSA Permanent can be substituted for the 200km, 300km, or 400km requirement, with approval of the organizer (based on individual circumstances, such as whether a local qualifying series is available). You may apply to the organizer for other substitutions.


Poudre Canyon

Cameron Pass

Snowy Range

Wyoming-Colorado Border

View near Rabbit Ears Pass

Homeward Bound over Cameron