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2010 Brevet Series Results

Drake Doubleback 200km - Apr 17   |   Stove Prairie 200km - May 1   |   Flèche - May 7   |   Black Forest 300km - May 15
600km - May 22   |   400km - June 5   |   600km - June 19   |   400km - June 19
Glen Haven Gallivant 200km - July10   |   400km - July17   |   600km - July 17   |   1000km - July 17

Results Certification
For events sanctioned by Audax Club Parisien (noted below) our results postings are technically preliminary -
indicated by "§" below - pending certification from the ACP.
Consult the RUSA Result Processing Status for ACP certification and other processing status.
You can find your certification numbers at RUSA Results Search.

2010 Brevet Series in Review
Thank you for riding the brevets and populaires with us! We hope they've been satisfying for you, and that the 2011 Brevets will offer you further chances for personal accomplishment and comaraderie with others. This table shows the Brevet Series over time - rider detail at Consolidated 2010 Rider Results .
Length Type Route '10 Date 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999
103km populaire Lyons - Berthoud Mar 21 29 50 - - - - - - - - - -
106km populaire Carter Lake Apr 4 24 x 16 - - - - - - - - -
116km populaire Keenesburg Apr 11 27 - 26 x 43 28 29 x 17 - - -
120km populaire Horsetooth Apr 19 - 19 28 44 28 x 11 28 13 - - -
200km brevet Kersey - Hudson ♦ May 2 - 23 39 24 - - - - - - - -
200km brevet Drake Doubleback ♦ * Apr 17 56 - - - - - - - - - - -
200km brevet Arizona-NM Apr 20 - - 7 - 10 10 - - - - - -
120km populaire Estes Park Apr 26 - - 6 28 28 21 4 18 x - - -
200km brevet Stove Prairie ♦♦ May 1 41 21 41 50 58 52 53 56 39 24 16 19
24 hr flèche Front Range May 7 14 8 19 12 4 9 9 7 5 - - -
300km brevet Black Forest May 15 34 30 21 41 48 35 33 50 22 19 12 16
300km brevet Peak-to-Peak *** May 26 - - - 13 - - - - - - - -
600km brevet St. Vrain Canyon * May 22 12 - - - - - - - - - - -
400km brevet Lefthand Jun 5 36 25 15 31 35 29 28 42 14 8 10 17
600km brevet Lefthand - Kersey Jun 5 0 0 2 1 - - - - - - - -
1000km brevet Lefthand - Ft. Morgan Jun 5 0 0 1 - - - - - - - - -
400km brevet Devil's Gulch Jun 19 9 0 2 5 - - - - - - - -
600km brevet Devil's Gulch - Kersey Jun 19 17 18 10 24 24 14 21 40 10 8 5 21
1000km brevet Devil's Gulch - Ft. Morgan Jun 20 - 1 0 1 1 3 3 4 1 - - -
300km brevet Grand Loop Jun 12 - - 11² 22 17 13 8 6 3 - -
125km populaire Barr Lake Jul - - - - - - 4 - - - - -
200km brevet Glen Haven Gallivant * Jul 10 15 - - - - - - - - - - -
1000km brevet Lefthand-Ft. Morgan Jul 17 11 4 - - x 1 - - - - - -
600km brevet Lefthand - Kersey Jul 17 6 4 - - - - - - - - - -
400km brevet Lefthand Jul 17 19 6 - - - - - - - - - -
300km brevet Denver-Aspen Jun 28 - - 9 11¹ 18 22 17 21 - - - -
300km brevet Coffee Cup Classic Jul 19 - - 4 - - - - - - - - -
400km brevet Lefthand * Jul 31 14 - - - - - - - - - - -
200km brevet Durango Aug 12 - - - - 14 - - - - - - -
300km brevet Peak-to-Peak Aug 14 18 13 10 10 11 10 12 - - - - -
200km brevet Black Forest Aug 28 9 5 6 19 8 21 20 - - - - -
1200km gr. randonnée Last Chance Sep 15 40 36 39 - 34 32 14 - 13 4 - -
125km populaire Copper Triangle Sep 16 - - - - x 17 9 x 11 - - -
200km brevet Stove Prairie Sep 15 22 16 16 21 19 15 15 20 12 13 - -
200km brevet James Canyon Jaunt * Oct 2 23 - - - - - - - - - - -
125km populaire Apple Valley Oct 9 6 x 15 7 5 14 10 - - - - -
Totals   482 279 319 353 376 351 305 293 166 80 43 73
Distinct Riders   154 114 121 110 147 134 115 92        
“-” = not scheduled this year “x” = cancelled  * = new this year  *** Offered for PBP.
¹ Black Forest substituted (construction)
² Peak-to-Peak substituted (construction)
³ Woodland Park 272km substituted (construction)
♦ Drake Doubleback replaced Kersey Kick for April 200k's.
♦♦ Actually succession of Evans, Horsetooth, Rawhide, and Stove Prairie routes.

Some highlights from this year:

  • Ridership - 154 riders rode one or more events.
  • Super-Randonneurs - 29 riders earned Super-Randonneur status (a first for 9 of these riders), a record for a non-PBP year.
  • R-12 - 13 riders earned R-12 status.
  • New May 600k – For early-season 1200k aspirants. Good, successful turnout.
  • New 200k’s – The new James Canyon Jaunt and Glen Haven Gallivant summer and fall 200k’s were added, and proved popular! Both are based on Permanent routes.
  • July 1000k – Record-breaking turnout for a sweltering event!
  • Colorado Last Chance 1200k – Excellent support, good ridership and finishing rate, another good-weather year!
A Special Thanks to our Volunteers
  • RMCC Secretary Tom Foss, registration;
  • RMCC Treasurer John Klever, membership and finance;
  • Last Chance staff: RMCC President Charlie Henderson, Jim Kraychy, Brent and Beth Myers, Susan Plonsky, Eric Simmons, Patricia Heller, John Hughes, and Dan Shields;
  • Eric Simmons - Black Forest brevets;
  • Brian Meadows, Steve Le Goff, and Michelle Grainger who led populaires;
  • Catherine Shenk, Tim Dodge, Tim "Foon" Feldman, and John Hughes who spoke at our REI seminars.

Bonne route and see you next year!


200km -- October 2 - James Canyon Jaunt  § ACP
RUSA# Time   Rider
12:04Alderman, Stephen *
24019:27deRosset, William
28447:45Dodge, Tim
10:20Dorosz, Lauren *
1537:43Ellis,John Lee
24347:45Flanigan, John
8:07Hartwell, Jon
32307:12Hoff, Peter
56927:15Jones, Lloyd
56879:22Klever, John
35557:45Knoblauch, Tom
9:27Kone, Michael
9:22Layne, Dan *
16797:06Mangin, John
7:12Mierzejewski, Heather *
54719:45Nakamura, Tammie
14687:10Rapp, Brian
31127:06Rupel, Ray
9:25Spagnola, Nick *
54797:45Yant, Jane
* First brevet!
Great Start to a New Brevet!

A great 23-rider turnout on the inaugural James Canyon Jaunt 200k brevet enjoyed a sunny, mild, seasonal day. Down here, the leaves are just starting to turn, providing golden accents. We're especially pleased to see new faces on our final brevet of the year! The concept of 200k's on successive weekends seems to have attracted Kelly Bergkessel, Lloyd Jones, Tom Knoblauch, John Mangin, Dick Wiss, Jane Yant, and myself ... or maybe it was the good weather ... and maybe, too, getting in your R-12 ride for October! A big welcome back to Tim Dodge, making his return to randonneuring since his accident on last June's 400k. Welcome back, Tim!

- John Lee Ellis

Kelly Bergkessel, John Mangin, and Jane Yant in front of the Jamestown Mercantile, jotting down the answer (visible in this photo) to the info question.

200km -- September 25 - Stove Prairie Clockwise  § ACP
RUSA# Time   Rider
10268:58Covington, Kay
1537:41Ellis,John Lee
54366:44Horwood, Joshua
51339:17Isham, Rick
56927:15Jones, Lloyd
56879:45Klever, John
35558:57Knoblauch, Tom
60266:25Lowe, Mark
16797:22Mangin, John
8:10Marwitz, Curtis
8:10Nading, Jeff
6:40Rudolph, Steve
150311:35Simmons, Eric
7:41Stewart, Cary
64479:45Toth, Thomas *
64489:45Vominh, Tien *
54797:48Yant, Jane
* First brevet!
Most Brilliant Black Forest 200k Yet?

Our record 22 enjoyed a glorious, sunny, mild day. Temps had warmed up from the chilly 40's at 7am to the comfy-start zone by 8am departure. And wafting tailwinds heading out died down just in time to provide a reasonably pleasant ride heading south to the finish.

- John Lee Ellis

Tom Knoblauch, Lloyd Jones, and Cary Stewart at Stove Prairie.

200km -- August 28 - Black Forest  § ACP
RUSA# Time   Rider
7:33Bergkessel,Kelly *
58977:26Cramer, Cathy
1537:26Ellis,John Lee
8:03Nourse,Patrick *
* First brevet!
Pleasantest Black Forest 200k ... Up to a Point!

Our 9 starters and finishers had lots to smile about on this year's Black Forest 200k: mild temps at altitude, useful cloud cover to cut afternoon heat, no precipitation, and lots of tailwinds. Alas for some riders the final stretch from Larkspur to the finish was full of diverted freeway traffic and a clogged frontage road due to an accident - still not enough to dampen spirits for an overall fine ride!

- John Lee Ellis

JLE, Catherine Shenk, and Dick Wiss at finish. - C. Cramer photo

300km -- August 14 - Peak-to-Peak  § ACP
RUSA# Time   Rider
596714:26Cook, Brett
589712:34Cramer, Cathy
15314:10Ellis, John Lee
243413:12Flanigan, John
557213:00Henderson, Michael
513315:10Isham, Rick
443015:45Jilka, Mark
569212:34Jones, Lloyd
541814:10Le Goff, Steve
547117:51Nakamura, Tammie
11:12Pfeil, Mark *
98117:52Plonsky, Susan
146812:43Rapp, Brian
311212:34Rupel, Ray
355113:52Snavely, Henry
14:45Stanford, David
513915:10Takahashi, Irene
14:10Wong, Felix
* First brevet!
Coolest Peak-to-Peak 300k Yet!

Brilliant, pre-autumnal conditions accompanied the 18 starters and finishers. Some folks needed an extra layer climbing chilly Coal Creek Canyon, but as the sun hit towards Wondervu, they quickly warmed up. A near-cloudless day with no precipitation, and mild conditions even on the jaunt back from Platteville (with a tailwind!) made for lots of enjoyment!

- John Lee Ellis

Steve Le Goff and sunflowers on Oxford Road.

400km -- July 31 - Lefthand Canyon  § ACP
RUSA# Time   Rider
451023:41Bergen,Larry W.
589718:22Cramer, Cathy
* First 400k!
Latest 400k Yet!

Brilliant, summery conditions accompanied the 14 starters and finishers. Not as toasty as on the 7/17 events but still warm enough to get your attention!

To those who wondered (including myself) whether an end-of-July 400k would attract riders, the turnout was really gratifying ... an amalgam of very accomplished veterans wrapping up their second SR series for the year to folks essaying their first 400k ever.

Bravo! I would especially like to note Andy Speier from Seattle International Randonneurs who paid us a visit (and rode this after a Permanent Populaire on Thursday) and first time 400km finishers Billy Edwards and Michael Kone of Boulder and Brett Cook of Longmont.

For a number of riders this meant various important things - whether their first 400k, their first 400k in Colorado, a finishing touch to qualifying for the Last Chance, or upping their chances for Paris-Brest-Paris 2011. To all of you, congratulations!

- John Lee Ellis

Andy Speier on his classic bike near Hygiene.

400km/600km/1000km -- July 17 - Lefthand Canyon  § ACP
— 1000km —
RUSA# 400k   732k   Time   Rider
77219:2045:1969:00Brigham, Dale
220515:0030:4544:23Erickson, Jeff
3147-Foss, Ronaele
391319:3045:1869:05Geisert, Rodney
113819:3043:1767:30Gunther, Mark
355517:3033:2050:55Knoblauch, Tom
541817:4548:3065:59Le Goff, Steve
563217:4542:1765:59LeBlanc, Todd
327018:0040:0563:26Meredith, David L.
311216:0031:4049:46Rupel, Ray
2993-Wiss, Dick
— 400km —
RUSA# Time   Rider
589717:25Cramer, Cathy
19:06Hackett, David
619225:54Hedlund, Roger
(5849)19:45Holton, Leslie
18:4515:00Smith, Vernon

— 600km —
RUSA# 400k   Time   Rider
41019:3034:55Baranczyk, Merle
818--Barday, Robert J.
4510--Bergen, Larry W.
4653--Bruce, Bob
6322Dean, Robert
243416:00-Flanigan, John
4977Gorman, Gary
442521:3537:53Heck, Ken
557215:3530:30Henderson, Michael
323016:0027:10Hoff, Peter
5133--Isham, Rick
214520:5037:05Long, Beth
602614:2124:06Lowe, Mark
212920:5037:05Myers, Brent
547121:2534:50Nakamura, Tammie
281216:00-Peterson, Eric
991--Plonsky, Susan
146816:1534:55Rapp, Brian
623424:3634:55Warm, Ted

Sizzlingest 1000k Ever?

102° high temperatures roasted the 36 starters the first day on these three events. The second day did not seem any cooler, at least after the first post-dawn hours. For 1000k riders on the third day bode some cloud cover (good!) and a shower or two (good, too).

- John Lee Ellis

P. S. Normally I do not highlight the DNFs, but for these big events under trying circumstances, I wanted to recognize the efforts of all the riders.

Ray Rupel finishing his 1000km just before dawn.

Jeff Erickson after a BIG rest after his 1000k.

200km -- July 10 - Glen Haven Gallivant  § ACP
RUSA# Time   Rider
10:02Arayon, Arturo
(2132)8:22Bodeux, Reynald
1538:22Ellis, John Lee
57428:22Gazmararian, Julie
32308:00Hoff, Peter
(5849)10:02Holton, Leslie
385410:56Johnson, Eric
56928:02Jones, Lloyd
455810:02Millay, Robert
511810:02Moran, Jack
14688:54Rapp, Brian
6:59Rudolph, Steve
9:53Stanford, David
512310:02Taylor, David
54798:26Yant, Jane
First Glen Haven Gallivant Brevet!

Brilliant, summery conditions accompanied the 15 riders on the inaugural Glen Haven Gallivant 200k brevet. This course has been a favorite among the 200k permanents, and transferred well to brevet format. Cool creekside air refreshed the climb up St. Vrain Canyon, and the Peak-to-Peak Highway was mild and comfortable. Cloud cover and spotty showers tamed temps back on the plains.

Thanks both to the regulars and new riders for joining us, including Robert Millay from Dallas, Julie Gazmararian visiting from Atlanta, and new locals Eric Johnson, Jack Moran, David Stanford, and Arturo Arayon!.

- John Lee Ellis

Rock cut on Peak-to-Peak heading into Estes Park.

Julie G. enjoying Glen Haven cinnamon roll.

400km / 600km -- June 19 - St. Vrain Canyon  § ACP
— 600km —
RUSA# 400k   Time   Rider
596718:5936:03Cook, Brett
290018:4534:30Dick, Nathan
314721:4037:44Foss, Ronaele
484315:1428:36Fritzinger, Micah
398518:1229:15Hiscox, George
389819:0036:59Hunley, Fred
568720:4236:59Klever, John *
355515:0023:18Knoblauch, Tom
458514:2832:18Koenig, Andrea
563218:4533:10LeBlanc, Todd
311215:1524:45Rupel, Ray
355118:1534:30Snavely, Henry
547917:1232:10Yant, Jane
* first 600k!
— 400km —
RUSA# Time   Rider
41019:00Baranczyk, Merle
481915:52Feldman, Tim
147115:52Foley, Paul
497723:05Gorman, Gary
19:00Hartwell, Jon
557215:14Henderson, Michael *
184215:52Smith, Vernon
623418:10Warm, Ted
* first 400k!
Nicest 400k/600k Combo Yet?

Nice conditions accompanied the 17 600k and 9 400k starters.

For some riders, this was the finishing touch to their Super-Randonneur award for this year. Special congratulations to Michael Henderson and Gary Gorman finishing their first 400k's, and John Klever finishing his first 600k and securing his SR status!

Thanks also to Mike Kone for joining us on the 400k, and Leslie Sutton and, from California, Glen Juranek, Terry and Amber Hutt on the 600k!

- John Lee Ellis

400km -- June 5 - Lefthand Canyon  § ACP
RUSA# Time   Rider
451024:21Bergen, Larry
514923:08Blauer, Anthony
465316:50Bruce, Bob
240115:57deRosset, William M
290017:37Dick, Nathan P.
15317:06Ellis, John Lee
243415:34Flanigan, John
147115:17Foley, Paul
314720:51Foss, Ronaele
90822:31Fox, Mike
628713:37Franz, Ryan *
541715:34Grainger, Michelle
442520:44Heck, Ken
323018:26Hoff, Peter
513319:09Isham, Rick
568722:31Klever, John
35513:37Knoblauch, Tom
458513:37Koenig, Andrea
360016:37Koenig, Gary
541815:34Le Goff, Steve
563218:44LeBlanc, Todd
167916:37Mangin, John
214520:21Myers, Beth
212920:21Myers, Brent
547122:29Nakamura, Tammie
99123:05Plonsky, Susan
310815:34Shenk, Catherine
184215:17Smith, Vernon
392723:06Smith, James
355117:55Snavely, Henry
Driest, Sunniest 400k Yet?

Brilliant, summery conditions accompanied the 36 starters on a great day for a 400k, especially with that refreshing Peak-to-Peak segment.

We were pleased to welcome our friend and Arizona RBA Susan Plonsky, who brought two of her riding buddies from Utah, Jim Smith, and Anthony Blauer.

Thanks to everyone for this great turnout, including Tim Dodge, Gary Gorman, Luke Jeter, Eric Simmons, Larry Sutton, and Jane Yant who joined as well! Tim's 400k ended 10km into the ride - stay tuned for a note from Tim on the Brevets Blog.

- John Lee Ellis

Steve Le Goff, Michelle Grainger, and Catherine Shenk at Ward.

Brent and Beth Myers near top of Lefthand Canyon.

600km -- May 22 -- St. Vrain Canyon  § ACP
RUSA# 400k Time   Rider
589720:0129:26Cramer, Cathy
19:4536:20Dean, Robert
15317:3033:09Ellis, John Lee
908??37:45Fox, Mike
147116:4633:43Foley, Paul
541717:3033:09Grainger, Michelle
541817:3033:09Le Goff, Steve
355516:2025:23Knoblauch, Tom
167917:2532:06Mangin, John
184216:4633:43Smith, Vernon
Windiest 600k Yet!

Strong, gusty, toasty SW winds accompanied the 12 starters on this "special," early 600km, a month earlier than our traditional 600k. The winds "enhanced" the climbing up St. Vrain Canyon and the hydration requirements even on the Peak-to-Peak Highway, where the traditional resorts had yet to open and riders had to be resourceful finding water.

Blustery winds over Horsetooth and up to Owl Canyon Road made for more moisture loss plus some conjectures on how much wind there would be to be to fight heading home. Later in the afternoon, however, a strong cold front blew through as folks were in various stages of their southbound journey. Suddenly, a 30mph+ pace without pedaling became the norm ... except in the crosswinds!

A chilly night in the low 40's welcomed riders on the second loop, but generally favorable winds and sunny weather finishing up! Congrats to our riders and thanks to Bob Barday, Brett Cook, Rick Isham, and Irene Takahashi for starting as well.

- John Lee Ellis

Blowing dust and moisture cloud the sunset Saturday evening.

300km -- May 15 -- Black Forest  § ACP
RUSA# Time   Rider
12:29Benoit, Diane
465313:28Bruce, Bob
240113:28deRosset, William M
14:51Dean, Robert
290015:32Dick, Nathan P.
284411:29Dodge, Tim
15313:41Ellis, John Lee
90816:40Fox, Mike
147111:50Foley, Paul
13:50Hackett, David
15:59Hartwell, Jon
442516:40Heck, Ken
619213:50Hedlund, Roger
589314:00Haskins, Joshua
497717:38Gorman, Gary
541713:50Grainger, Michelle
569213:50Jones, Lloyd
568716:40Klever, John
355514:45Knoblauch, Tom
541813:50Le Goff, Steve
563214:30LeBlanc, Todd
602610:37Lowe, Mark
167912:45Mangin, John
214515:36Myers, Beth
212915:36Myers, Brent
547116:17Nakamura, Tammie
310813:50Shenk, Catherine
184211:50Smith, Vernon
355115:35Snavely, Henry
457216:40Sutton, Leslie
513915:59Takahashi, Irene
12:20Van Der Linden, Jeff
14:25Van Deren, Scott
Blustery But Better Than Expected!

Guest writer and bon vivant randonneur Tim Dodge offers our ride report - thank you, Tim!

The weather report called for cool temperatures and rain. As a result, 33 starters came out to enjoy some typically blustery late spring weather on the Palmer Divide, and despite these trying conditions, posted a 100% finishing rate!

Starting temperatures were on the cool side forcing riders to negotiate pockets of fog. In anticipation of the first official pre-dawn start of the season, riders came equipped with lights and reflective gear. The sun quickly warmed things up and a glorious morning was on hand for the ride to Larkspur, first control of the day.

The rollers began to take their toll as riders split into small groups. Fortunately the ride into Elbert saw a moderate tailwind. The return southbound leg was just the opposite, however, and everyone paid for the earlier northward nudge.

Pikes Peak enveloped in thundery weather.

Although not as windy as last year’s edition, the anticipated return tailwinds from Black Forest north through Palmer Lake to Littleton didn’t materialize as planned. Instead, the weather turned and riders got a short primer on precipitation with rain and a little hail and sleet mixed in.

All were fortunate to have Eric Simmons as support. He manned the Larkspur, Elbert and finishing controls with a now-familiar mix of positive attitude, encouraging words and humor. For those so inclined, Eric brought his soon-to-be-famous pasta salad.

Eric Simmons officiating with refreshments at Larkspur.

Congratulations to all finishers but especially John Klever, David Hackett, Roger Hedlund and Jeff Van Der Linden on completing their first 300km brevet!

Congratulations also to Tammie Nakamura who has now earned her first-ever Super-Randonneur Award by dint of this ride and three Arizona brevets!

- Tim Dodge

Flèche -- 6-9 May 2010 -- Colorado Front Range Flèche  § ACP   
Team Deer with Headlights - 227.8 Miles
3108  Shenk, Catherine (4) - Captain
5897   Cramer, Cathy *
153   Ellis, John Lee (8)
5139   Takahashi, Irene M *
5479   Yant, Jane *

Team Escargots ** - 237 miles
818   Barday, Bob (5) - Captain
908   Fox, Mike *
3230   Hoff, Peter (2)
5133   Isham, Rick *

Team Painted Turtles - 243 miles
2844   Dodge, Tim (2) - Captain
4653   Bruce, Bob *
4819   Feldman, Tim "Foon" *
4819   Flanigan, John (2)
3555   Knoblauch, Tom (3)

* First flèche!
(x) xth flèche!
** New flèche team!

Biggest Turnout Yet!

Biggest turnout yet ... and a 100% finishing rate! The weather was chillier than average - near freezing to 60º - but pretty much dry, with only a few sprinkles late afternoon. A welcome contrast to last year. Thanks to the team members and especially to team captains Catherine, Bob, and Tim for putting together their teams and great routes!

Team Deer with Headlights was back with three rookies, Cathy Cramer, Irene Takahashi, and Jane Yant, who took the stiff climb up Stove Prairie in stride and then settled into the more plains-oriented opportunity to dine on various convenience store delicacies.

Team Escargots is a new team formed by Prairie Dog veteran Bob Barday. Bob says he was trying to set expectations in his choice of team name. Everyone was all smiles at the finish, so apparently this formula worked!

Team Painted Turtles is Tim Dodge's second fielding of the PT's, this time with a lot of success, voluminous rest opportunities due to the PT's contra-eponymous speedy nature, and four first-time finishers ... oh and a Randonneur 5000 award now in the bag for John Flanigan!

The Flèche Vélocio in France has competitive awards, and we have them too!  Here are this year's:

  • Most Women - Deer w/ Headlights (4)
  • Most Men - Painted Turtles (5)
  • Most First-Time Finishers - Painted Turtles (4)
  • Most Fenders - Escargots (8)
  • Snazziest Outfits - Painted Turtles
  • Most Disappointed? - Escargots (Glen Haven Store not yet open, as always)

- John Lee Ellis  

All three teams finish together!  
More to come on the Brevets Blog.

Deer With Headlights
Cathy Cramer, Irene Takahashi, Jane Yant, John Lee Ellis, Catherine Shenk (capt.)  

Peter Hoff, Mike Fox, Rick Isham, Bob Barday (capt.)  

Painted Turtles
Foon Feldman, Tim Dodge (capt.), Tom Knoblauch, Bob Bruce, John Flanigan  

200km -- May 1 -- Stove Prairie  § ACP
RUSA# Time   Rider
4109:20Baranczyk, Merle
81811:09Barday, Robert
7:20Benoit, Diane
451011:50Bergen, Larry W.
46538:31Bruce, Bob
10269:27Covington, Kay
58978:25Cramer, Cathy
24017:45deRosset, William M
29009:22Dick, Nathan P.
28446:45Dodge, Tim
1538:25Ellis, John Lee
626611:00Fehler, Dan
48197:20Feldman, Tim
7:46Fields, Ric
14717:32Foley, Paul
9:19Hartwell, Jon
44259:45Heck, Ken
69:56Henderson, Charlie
32307:59Hoff, Peter
54367:20Horwood, Joshua
497711:50Gorman, Gary
51339:19Isham, Rick
56927:24Jones, Lloyd
35558:21Knoblauch, Tom
36008:40Koenig, Gary
60266:15Lowe, Mark
16797:20Mangin, John
9:28Miller, Bryan
21459:16Myers, Beth
21299:16Myers, Brent
7:40Prendergast, Mike
14687:24Rapp, Brian
6:45Rudolph, Steve
31128:11Rupel, Ray
150311:48Simmons, Eric
18427:33Smith, Vernon
45729:56Sutton, Leslie
6265 8:59Ulvang, David
54798:31Yant, Jane A.
Biggest Stove Prairie Weather Surprise!

41 starters (with 39 finishing) showed up despite a shower and snow-graced weather forecast that had been worrisome all week. And yet, while the air never got all that warm, topping out in the 50's, there was a fair amount of sun, and the sprinkles were scarcely detectable.

We were especially pleased to welcome back some faces not seen on brevets since Paris-Brest-Paris 2007: Merle Baranczyk, Charlie Henderson, and Gary Koenig.

- John Lee Ellis

Eric Simmons pulls into Stove Prairie.

Tom Knoblauch stops for a bite at Stove Prairie.

200km -- April 17 -- Drake Doubleback  § ACP
RUSA# Time   Rider
81812:16Barday, Robert
7:10Benoit, Diane
451013:02Bergen, Larry W.
46537:48Bruce, Bob
59678:00Cook, Brett *
58977:51Cramer, Cathy **
24017:42deRosset, William M
29009:27Dick, Nathan P.
28446:48Dodge, Tim
1538:00Ellis, John Lee
48197:10Feldman, Tim
7:48Fields, Ric *
14717:49Foley, Paul
90812:15Fox, Mike
497712:06Gorman, Gary
54178:00Grainger, Michelle
7:10Grow, Scott *
9:39Hartwell, Jon *
44259:39Heck, Ken
32309:00Hoff, Peter
51339:06Isham, Rick
8:03Israel, Bill
56927:35Jones, Lloyd
35558:41Knoblauch, Tom
54188:00Le Goff, Steve
56328:28LeBlanc, Todd
16797:39Mangin, John
7:50Meadows, Brian
54719:27Nakamura, Tammie
8:00Nelson, Larry
8:45Pogorelz, Rob
7:48Prendergast, Mike
59189:42Pyatt, Chad *
14687:50Rapp, Brian
6:48Rudolph, Steve
31127:55Rupel, Ray
31087:48Shenk, Catherine
45289:20Shields, Dan
150312:06Simmons, Eric
18427:49Smith, Vernon
35519:00Snavely, Henry
30910:28Staggs, Ben
7:12Stefely, Ernie *
513911:59Takahashi, Irene
7:48Traditi, Frank *
7:48Van Deren, Scott *
62348:00Warm, Ted *
54798:00Yant, Jane A.
Inaugural Drake Doubleback!

56 starters and 48 finishers made for a great turnout at the inaugural running of this new course!

A grey day with a hint of fog made for comfy cycling at a brisk pace. Afternoon showers soggied up the Platteville segment a bit, reminding riders of equipment they might want to consider bringing. Then for many riders the sun came out to cast cheerful rays at the finish. A fine start to the brevets!

- John Lee Ellis

At the Drake control. Catherine Shenk photo

Brian Rapp and Michelle Grainger at the finish!

Populaire Results

129km -- 9 October 2010 -- Apple Valley
RUSA# Time   Rider
4:12Bergkessel, Kelly
32304:15Hoff, Peter
56924:00Jones, Lloyd
5:10Miller, Bryan
14684:04Rapp, Brian
35515:12Snavely, Henry
A Windy Fall Day with Foliage!

8 starters enjoyed more sun than predicted, but plenty of wind too, as a storm cloud sat atop the Continental Divide. Plenty of incipient fall colors, though!

Thanks to Tom Foss for leading our final calendared randonnée of the year!

- John Lee Ellis

116km -- 11 April 2010 -- Keenesburg
RUSA# Time   Rider
4:00Baker, Chris
45106:39Bergen, Larry
46534:18Bruce, Bob
3:55Carbon, Neal
59674:24Cook, Brett
29004:50Dick, Nathan
4:18Dodge, Tim
24344:37Flanigan, John
9084:49Fox, Mike
44254:40Heck, Ken
51334:47Isham, Rick
56923:52Jones, Lloyd
5:11Krimmel, Max
3:52Meadows, Brian
5:40Miller, Bryan
4:23Pogorelz, Robert
3:52Prendergast, Michael
14683:52Rapp, Brian
5:40Reissner, Marc
35514:48Snavely, Henry
4094:47Staggs, Ben
3:52Stefely, Ernie
3:52Ward, Jimmy
4:02Warm, Ted
4:20Wickstrom, Terri
4:30Wiren, Mark
54793:55Yant, Jane
A Nice Spring Day on a Fast Course!

27 starters finishers enjoyed mild conditions on this traditional Plains excursion.

A special thanks to Brian Meadows for a great job leading this populaire!

- John Lee Ellis

106km -- 4 April 2010 -- Carter Lake
RUSA# Time   Rider
46534:25Bruce, Bob
4:45Fehler, Dan
48194:05Feldman, Tim
51334:30Isham, Rick
56924:05Jones, Lloyd
5:40Krimmel, Max
4:05Meadows, Brian
4:25Miller, Bryan
4:08Newton, Gerry
61714:28Paulmeno, Jere
4:05Prendergast, Michael
14684:05Rapp, Brian
35514:53Snavely, Henry
4:07Stewart, Cary
4:30Warm, Ted
35904:06Whitley, Rob
4:40Wiren, Mark
54794:25Yant, Jane
A Bracing Spring Ride with Snow Flurries!

24 starters and 18 finishers enjoyed a nice spring jaunt up to Carter Lake - springlike in the Colorado sense, as later riders dealt with snow flurries at Carter Lake.

A special thanks to Brian Meadows for stepping up and leading his first randonnée - thanks for giving back, Brian!

- John Lee Ellis

103km -- 21 March 2010 -- Lyons - Berthoud
RUSA# Time   Rider
3:42Baker, Chris
3:25Benoit, Diane
45105:41Bergen, Larry
46534:30Bruce, Bob
5:05Carlstead, Ed
3:58Carbon, Neal
45194:32Cochenour, John
3:45DiBiase, Megan
28443:15Dodge, Tim
1534:30Ellis, John Lee
14713:22Foley, Paul
48193:15Feldman, Tim
49775:17Gorman, Gary
54174:30Grainger, Michelle
44254:08Heck, Ken
58933:44Haskins, Josh
56923:22Jones, Lloyd
54184:35LeGoff, Steve
60263:01Lowe, Mark
3:58Miller, Bryan
61713:49Paulmeno, Jere
3:45Pomares, Martha
59184:17Pyatt, Chad
54724:33Ross, Chip
35513:50Snavely, Henry
3:42Ward, Jimmy
3:45Wickstrom, Terri
5:42Wiren, Mark
3:42Witherill, Colin
A Snowbedecked but Bright Start to the Populaires!

Two days after a typical Colorado welcome to spring in the form of a big snowdump, a healthy turnout with 29 finishers! Everyone seemed to enjoy the springtime sun with bright white snow-covered fields lining our way!

A special thanks to Steve Le Goff and co-ride-leader Michelle Grainger for stepping up and enhancing what was a great day for riding!

- John Lee Ellis