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2016 Results


Results Certification
For events sanctioned by Audax Club Parisien (all brevets except as noted below) our results postings are technically preliminary until certified by the ACP.
Consult the RUSA Result Processing Status for ACP certification and other processing status.
You can find your certification numbers at RUSA Results Search.

Dart -- 8 October 2016 -- Front Range 200km Dart
RUSA# Rider Dist. At 11h30m Dist. At 13h30m
Team Breck'fast Club
7898Warren, Corinne123147
10581Johnson, Kieran123147
9481Moerk, Michael123147
Our First RUSA Dart!

11 starters on 3 teams headed out on a bright fall day on our first RUSA Dart.

This is a team event like the Flèche but shorter. For a 200km Dart, riders must finish 13½ hours after they start. Each of the three teams - Team Dartrek (Mike Turek, David Nelson, John Mangin, Jon Sendor, Jason Turner), Team Mario Kart (Caleb Carl, Chris Baker, Kale Olson), and Team Breck'fast Club attacked the "problem" - of having to take so much time - in a similar way: by adding climbing.

Team Mario Kart headed up Lefthand Canyon to the Peak-to-Peak. Team Dartrek (with a Star Trek theme) climbed Big Thompson Canyon to ride most of the Peak-to-Peak Highway. Team Breck'fast Club started in Breckenridge, climbed Loveland Pass, out and back to Winter Park over Berthoud Pass, and up to Golden Gate Canyon from Black Hawk. All three routes descended Golden Gate Canyon to the finish in Golden.

Thanks to Corinne Warren for the impetus to schedule a Dart, and for recruiting these teams!

- John Lee Ellis


Dartrek and other team members at the finish dinner in Golden
200km -- 1 October 2016 -- James Canyon
RUSA# Time   Rider
6:46Auld, Greg
59678:16Cook, Brett
28447:05Dodge, Tim
1538:43Ellis, John Lee ®
24347:52Flanagan, John
54178:30Grainger, Michelle
6:46Guala, John
1095912:05Harrell, Ross
56926:46Jones, Lloyd
54188:35LeGoff, Steve
21459:59Long, Beth
60266:46Lowe, Mark
103668:35Kramer, Matthew
16797:05Mangin, John
1125710:48Miyazaki, Makoto
21299:59Myers, Brent
73238:56Nielsen, Jay
6:46Rudolph, Steve
31128:10Rupel, Ray
31089:59Shenk, Catherine
62769:44Shlachter, Jeremy
105009:44Smith, Preston
18427:38Smith, Vernon
115238:37TeBockhorst, Earl Paul
101738:30Turek, Michael
® pre-ride
Biggest James Canyon Turnout Ever!

27 starters and 25 finishers enjoyed splendid, brilliantly sunny weather, topping out in the 70's. We repeated the counterclockwise direction from the spring Stove Prairie 200k, as it's a good direction.

- John Lee Ellis

Wonderful new roadway in lower Boulder Canyon!

"Bear Aware" Program in Jamestown

200km -- 17 September 2016 -- Stove Prairie
RUSA# Time   Rider
6:44Auld, Greg
59678:05Cook, Brett
28446:56Dodge, Tim
1538:39Ellis, John Lee
24347:45Flanagan, John
6:44Guala, John
56926:40Jones, Lloyd
11:00Khublal, Jaime
90948:20Ledru, Pascal
60267:8Lowe, Mark
1125710:40Miyazaki, Makoto
110487:20Olsen, Kale
6:56Rosenthal, Harris
6:44Rudolph, Steve
86948:22Sendor, Jon
112288:52Sigmond, Bennett
101737:44Turek, Michael
20157:54Wong, Felix
Most Luminous Stove Prairie 200k Ever?

21 starters - including some first-timers - and 18 finishers enjoyed splendid, brilliantly sunny weather, topping out in the 70's. We repeated the counterclockwise direction from the spring Stove Prairie 200k, as it's a good direction.

- John Lee Ellis

A good bunch of riders at the start!

Climbing Centennial Road over Horsetooth

Final climb to Stove Prairie

JLE at Stove Prairie

The fun descent from Stove Prairie to Masonville!

200km -- 13 August 2016 -- Vail Pass Volley
RUSA# Time   Rider
112657:20Carl, Caleb
28447:29Dodge, Tim
14719:15Foley, Paul ®
1095911:54Harrell, Ross
9:55Morski, James
110487:20Olsen, Kale
1122810:11Sigmond, Bennett
18429:15Smith, Vernon ®
355110:02Snavely, Henry
1151010:43Spence, Jeff
1031610:40Suko, Aaron
® pre-ride
A Sunny, Bright Ride to Gypsum!

11 finishers enjoyed a fine day in the mountains, climbing Vail Pass in both directions - on the way to Gypsum and on the way back.

Thanks to Paul Foley and Vernon Smith for pre-riding and details on construction through Cascade and Vail.

A special thanks to Henry Snavely for leading this brevet and Tim Dodge for stepping in at the "alternate start location."

- John Lee Ellis

Heading up Tenmile Canyon at the start

Catherine Shenk checking out the route in July on the VPV 200k Perm

300km -- 29 July 2016 -- Peak-to-Peak
RUSA# Time   Rider
813217:20Kanaby, Gary
563213:50LeBlanc, Todd
1125716:56Miyaziki, Makoto
569119:37Szmurlo, Len
A Summery Day for the Peak-to-Peak!

4 finishers enjoyed a fine day in the mountains. With temps starting off near 70°, it was an ideal day to be up high!

- John Lee Ellis

Indian Peaks with only a few glacial hints

1200km/1100km -- 11 July 2016 -- Colorado High Country
RUSA# Time   Rider
7409dnfAlbershardt, AndyGunnison, CO
6151dnfAndersen, CarlWoodside, CA
831286:37Bennett, EdwardGeneva, FL
688784:10Biebuyck, GavinBoyertown, PA
652784:12Boltz, EdFulton, NY
89484:53Bonner, KenVictoria, BC Canada
10287dnfChurch, DougRiverside, CA
746887:07DelNero, GaryLeawood, KS
2716dnfEdwards, JoeGlenwood, IA
920588:28Feinberg, BrianCupertino, CA
147183:10Foley, Paul ®Golden, CO
7245dnfFriedly, GabrielleMenlo Park, CA
484384:09Fritzinger, MicahGeorgetown, IN
391387:24Geisert, Rodney D.Columbia, MO
804574:55Gritsus, Vadim ♦Paramus, NJ
543679:15Horwood, JoshuaLoveland, CO
9592dnfHulett, JeffreyGolden, CO
1058185:43Johnson, KieranDenver, CO
1037869:35Jones, Kris ♦Danville, CA
198987:07Klaassen, SpencerSt Joseph, MO
1679dnfMangin, L. JohnLoveland, CO
941183:22Mathias, JohnOlathe, KS
693dnfMidura, LawrenceSyracuse, NY
11257dnfMiyazaki, MakotoHokkaido, Japan
1061085:43Nelson, David L.Englewood, CO
1918dnfNemoto, ToshiyukiLoveland, OH
11400dnfPaterson, LeighBox Hill North, Victoria Australia
2812dnfPeterson, EricNaperville, IL
654886:54Phillips, CalistaFrederick, MD
88:38Porcher, AlaorPorto Alegre, RS, Brasil
4320dnfPrince, GarySeattle, WA
590183:49Schwartz, BarryLos Altos, CA
762288:38Sexton, RobertSan Jose, CA
236dnfSikorski, VincentBend, OR
10101dnfSmith, John WardMaitland, FL
184283:10Smith, Vernon ®Larkspur, CO
4310dnfSorensen, AndyAnchorage, AK
87:17Souza, Braulio S.Porto Alegre, RS Brasil
184783:22Sturgill, MikePhoenix, AZ
422688:10Thompson, W. DavidNew Smyrna Beach, FL
941286:26Toigo, PaulKansas City, MO
87:17Trevisan, RobertoPorto Alegre, Brasil
1017387:25Turek, MichaelLongmont, CO
1102483:26Turner, JasonMonument, CO
1011684:09Williams, EricSilver Spring, MD
® pre-ride
♦ 1000km
Windiest, Smokiest High Country Ever!

45 starters and 38 finishers got way more than their quota of high winds, fanning smoky conditions from the Beaver Creek wildfire NW of Walden.

Thanks to Paul Foley and Vernon Smith for pre-riding, and to our wonderful volunteers: Corinne Warren, Beth Long, Brent Myers, Paul Foley, Will Foley, Henry Snavely, Rick and Mary Melick, Pascal Ledru, Andrea and Andy Alberschardt, Laurie Stanton, Scott Griffith, Malcolm Frazer, and Wayne Lawton!

- John Lee Ellis

Cameron Pass

Beaver Creek fire

Snowy Range

Leaving Walden before Dawn

A Windy Forecast

400k/600k/1000k -- 18 June 2016 -- St. Vrain Canyon
— 400km —
RUSA# Time   Rider
563220:30LeBlanc, Todd
1106418:48Miner, Chris
1102420:08Turner, Jason

— 600km —
RUSA# 400k   Time   Rider
125935:30Baker, Kenneth **
15326:2035:40Ellis, John Lee ®
310826:2035:40Shenk, Catherine ®
355119:4436:32Snavely, Henry
® pre-ride
** visitor from another region

Scorchingest Solstice Brevets Ever?

... or sparsest solstice ridership ever?

8 out of 9 starters finished the St. Vrain 400k and 600k brevets. There were no registrants for the 1000k. (That's 3 of 3 on the 400k, and 5 out of 6 on the 600k - two of those were pre-rides). We had more brilliant sun and a real scorcher, with highs at or near 100° both days. Kudos to the finishers and all who started!

The pre-riders, Catherine Shenk and myself, decided to use the Meeker Park course from two weeks before, to avoid traffic and because Lefthand is still not available. We made some tweaks - more services and fewer hills - for this variant.

Welcome and congrats to Ken Baker from Bozeman, MT. Hopefully Ken will visit us again when it's not so toasty!

- John Lee Ellis

Photos courtesy of Mike Turek

Jason Turner

Jason Turner, Chris Miner

Jason Turner, Chris Miner

Henry Snavely

400k/600k -- 4 June 2016 -- Meeker Park
— 400km —
RUSA# Time   Rider
776015:35Baker, Chris
1126516:12Carl, Caleb
15319:08Ellis, John Lee ®
147117:28Foley, Paul
959216:12Hulett, Jeffrey
1113319:54Kovalenko, Oksana
909619:54Ledru, Pascal
602615:38Lowe, Mark
167918:50Mangin, L. John ®
1125722:33Miyazaki, Makoto ♦
1104816:12Olson, Kale
869418:12Sendor, Jon
310819:08Shenk, Catherine ®
627619:52Shlachter, Jeremy
355118:22Snaveley, Henry
1017319:54Turek, Michael
® pre-ride
♦ Visitor from another region!

— 600km —
RUSA# 400k   Time   Rider
243417:4733:52Flanigan, John
543614:4032:23Horwood, Joshua
311216:4533:30Rupel, Ray ®
184217:4733:52Smith, Vernon
1102417:2830:40Turner, Jason
922319:0924:50Walter Zitz
® pre-ride

Catherine Shenk and JLE at Meeker Park pre-riding the June 18 600k
Brightest Meeker Park 400k/600k Ever!

22 out of 24 starters finished the inaugural Meeker Park 400k and 600k brevets. (That's 17 of 18 on the 400k, and 5 out of 6 on the 600k). We had brilliant sun and only light breezes. The sun, however, combined with warm temps, made for a toasty ride, especially for the 600k riders! Suddenly hydration and avoiding heatstroke became top priority. Quite a contrast from the chilling rain only two weeks earlier on the Early Bird 400k/600k.

This was originally slotted as a Lefthand Canyon brevet, but Boulder County is in the midst of major reconstruction of the 2013 flood segments, including road realignment.

Thanks to Corinne Warren for providing hydration and a kind word to riders passing through Gilcrest!

- John Lee Ellis

Heading up Hwy. 52
Paul Foley photo


St. Vrain Canyon
Paul Foley photo

A deer in the High Country
Paul Foley photo

R-L: Corinne Warren offers aid to Jason Turner and Vernon Smith at Gilcrest
Paul Foley photo

300km/400k -- 21 May 2016 -- Cripple Creek 300k and South Park 400k
— 300km —
RUSA# Time   Rider
948116:50Moerk, Michael
— 400km —
RUSA# Time   Rider
243420:47Flanigan, John
1058121:10Johnson, Kieran
11257Miyazaki, Makoto ♦
1061023:15Nelson, David
311220:47Rupel, Ray
869423:10Sendor, Jon
184220:47Smith, Vernon
789823:15Warren, Corinne
922317:0Zitz, Walter
♦ Visitor from another region!
First Combo Colorado Springs 300k/400k!

10 of the 14 starters finished (1 out of 3 on the 300k, 9 out of 11 on the 400k), a good result, especially for the quite challenging South Park 400k!

Thanks to Vernon Smith for leading this brevet, on routes he designed, and this year co-scheduled. (They shared the initial climb, up to Woodland Park.)

- John Lee Ellis

Jon Sendor and Corinne Warren
Kieran Johnson photo

Corinne Warren
Kieran Johnson photo

Jon Sendor,, and Corinne Warren
Kieran Johnson photo

300km/400k/600k -- 14 May 2016 -- Poudre Canyon
— 300km —
RUSA# Time   Rider
1135313:55Eric, Dahl
866016:12Donald, Ward
* First 300k!
— 400km —
RUSA# Time   Rider
740923:26Andy, Albershardt
960319:16Malcolm, Fraser
1105623:26Tracy, Smith
1102419:15Jason, Turner
* First 400k!

— 600km —
RUSA# 400k   Time   Rider
1058117:4233:54Kieran, Johnson
167919:1035:20L. John , Mangin
1125725:4538:02Makoto, Miyazaki ♦
1061019:1035:20David, Nelson
869420:5035:55Jon, Sendor
789821:0337:05Corinne, Warren
♦ Visitor from another region!
* First 600k!

Coldest, Wettest Poudre Brevets Ever!

... at least to start with. Only 12 of the 26 starters finished (2 out of 6 on the 300k, 4 out of 10 on the 400k, and 6 out of 10 on the 600k).

Thanks once again to Corinne Warren for leading this brevet, on the day we were finishing up the Texas Rando Stampede 1200k in warmer circumstances.

- John Lee Ellis

300km -- 7 May 2016 -- Black Forest
RUSA# Time   Rider
740914:50Andy, Albershardt
776011:43Chris, Baker
1105412:15Diane, Benoit
1126512:50Carl, Caleb
240113:50Will, deRosset
15314:24John Lee, Ellis ®
243412:55John, Flanigan
147113:45Paul, Foley ®
960314:30Malcolm, Fraser ®
543612:10Joshua, Horwood
959212:00Jeffrey, Hulett
909413:40Pascal, Ledru ®
12:04Jason, Kaminski
672316:07John, Kotrla
1113315:05Oksana, Kovalenko
214514:29Beth, Long
602610:01Mark, Lowe
167912:55L. John, Mangin
1106412:00Chris, Miner
1125718:00Makoto, Miyazaki
212914:29Brent, Myers
948112:40Michael, Moerk
1061012:55David, Nelson
705613:16Eric, Nichols
1104812:00Kale, Olson
311212:19Ray, Rupel ®
11:52Tim, Schaefer
627614:50Jeremy, Shlachter
869412:55Jon, Sendor
310814:24Catherine, Shenk ®
105016:20Preston, Smith
1105614:50Tracy, Smith
184213:45Vernon, Smith ®
355114:27Henry, Snavely
3586Ahmed, Stowers
569117:18Len, Szmurlo
1017312:04Michael, Turek
1102412:40Jason, Turner
789812:55Corinne, Warren
922310:01Walter, Zitz
® pre-ride
A Snow-Free Black Forest 300k!

... but bouts of hail and showers, in keeping with the spring vagaries of this event. 41 starters and 39 finishers enjoyed another challenging Black Forest experience.

Thanks to Paul Foley, Vernon Smith, Ray Rupel, and Pascal Ledru for pre-riding the Black Forest route, and uncovering a construction detour, and to Catherine Shenk (and myself) for pre-riding the new Rawhide alternate route.

A special thanks to Corinne Warren for leading this brevet, and even stashing water at Larkspur for early riders.

- John Lee Ellis

24 Hours -- 29 April 2016 -- Front Range Flèche
First Ever Snow Cancellation of Flèche

Team Lanterne Rouge was poised to repeat last year's route and success, while new Team Fleche Eating Zombies was ready to ride. But snow and frosty temps nixed our flèche this time around.

- John Lee Ellis

200km -- 23 April 2016 -- Stove Prairie
RUSA# Time   Rider
77606:37Baker, Chris
110547:53Benoit, Diane
24348:35Flanigan, John
96039:35Fraser, Malcolm ®
54179:30Grainger, Michelle ®
44259:31Heck, Kenneth
54366:45Horwood, Joshua
95927:53Hulett, Jeffrey
1131510:30Iwanaga, Ritsuko
90949:15Ledru, Pascal
54189:30Le Goff, Steve ®
21459:30Long, Beth ®
60266:02Lowe, Mark
16798:35Mangin, L. John
1125710:30Miyazaki, Makoto
21299:30Myers, Brent ®
110427:09Olson, Kale
113137:09Peter, Joshua
7:53Rosenthal, Harris
6:45Rudolph, Steve
89459:18Shabacker, Noah
627610:00Shlachter, Jeremy
1130610:30Seaver, Sabrina
7:03Shaeffer, Tim
1050013:00Smith, Preston
35519:32Snavely, Henry
67307:09Stockman, Andy
569110:30Szmurlo, Len
101739:15Turek, Michael
23078:09Walsh, Bryce
8:55White, Andy
8:55White, Kami
® pre-ride
Cloudiest Stove Prairie Ever?

32 starters and 31 finishers enjoyed this return to Stove Prairie, only a week after multiple feet of snow graced some foothills areas.

A big thank you to Mike Turek for leading this brevet and lending his bon vivance to the ride!

- John Lee Ellis

Heading up Road 12
Mike Turek photo

John Flanigan in Poudre Canyon
Mike Turek photo

Snow banks on Stove Prairie
Kale Olson photo

200km -- 23 April 2016 -- On-a-Lark
RUSA# Time   Rider
96058:15Barnes, Graham
112658:55Carl, Caleb
589710:25Cramer, Cathy
113538:38Dahl, Eric
113779:55Nate Hartokolis *
105818:20Johnson, Kieran
110648:13Miner, Chris
94818:30Moerk, Michael
106107:50Nelson, David
113918:02Revey, Gordon *
31129:02Rupel, Ray
454810:26Saeedi, Steve
18428:03Smith, Vernon
110248:20Turner, Jason
78988:13Warren, Corinne
* First 200k Randonnée!
First Ever On-a-Lark 200k!

21 starters and 15 finishers (a 67% finishing rate) enjoyed nice if breezy weather on Vernon's inaugural On-A-Lark 200k out of Castle Rock. Somewhat resembling the Black Forest 200k sometimes run in August, it provided plenty of climbing one roller at a time, and nice forested scenery.

This brevet was rescheduled from April 16 because of snow. That made it concurrent with the Stove Prairie 200k, originally scheduled for the 23rd. And judging by the good turnout, it was more attractive and convenient than the Falcon-Limon-Triangle route it replaced.

Thank you to Vernon Smith for creating the route and leading this brevet!

- John Lee Ellis

200km -- 9 April 2016 -- Kersey Kick
RUSA# Time   Rider
74098:30Alberschardt, Andy
77606:13Baker, Chris
110546:41Benoit, Diane
59677:43Cook, Brett
6:39Dahl, Eric *
113096:21Ellefson, Chris
1537:50Ellis, John Lee
14717:25Foley, Paul
96039:4Fraser, Malcolm
77519:31Griffith, Scott
54367:9Horwood, Joshua
11315:Iwanaga, Ritsuko *
6:13Johnson, Chris **
67237:25Kotrla, John
111336:40Kovalenko, Oksana
72158:6Larson, Sam
21458:30Long, Beth
16796:57Mangin, L. John
112579:45Miyazaki, Makoto *
21298:30Myers, Brent
106106:25Nelson, David
73239:2Nielsen, Jay
6:13Penzenstadler, Nick *
6:13Peter, Joshua *
7:50Pomares, Martha
6:57Rosenthal, Harris
31126:48Rupel, Ray
45488:8Saeedi, steve
89457:50Schabacker, Noah
113169:27Seaver, Sabrina *
86948:30Sendor, Jon
31087:50Shenk, Catherine
110568:30Smith, Tracy *
18427:38Smith, Vernon
35518:8Snavely, Henry
856410:17Stanton, Laurie
67386:13Stockman, Andy *
56919:54Szmurlo, Len
112419:43Trigg, Brett
110246:40Turner, Jason
86608:32Ward, Donald
6:40White, Andy
6:40White, Kami
** First Colorado brevet!
* First 200k Randonnée!
Pleasantest Kersey Kick Ever?

43 riders enjoyed mild temps - upper 40's into the low 70's - under brilliant sun, with untroublesome breezes. Thanks to everyone who came out, and the great camaraderie!

- John Lee Ellis

A nice start!

Catherine Shenk, Martha Pomares, Noah Schabacker

Jon Sendor, Andy Alberschardt, Tracy Smith

Brent Myers, Katie, and Beth Long

Populaire Results


129km -- 3 April 2016 -- Horsetooth Hop
RUSA# Time   Rider
113156:24Iwanaga, Ritzuko
115594:03Jeckel, Shane *
73235:03Nielsen, Jay
4:03Rudolph, Steve
113066:24Seaver, Sabrina
* First Randonnée!


A Bright and Balmy Apple Valley!

5 riders enjoyed a summerlike sunny day with a few speckles of fall color on the plains.

- John Lee Ellis

Ritzuko Iwanaga, Sabrina Seaver, Jay Nielsen, Steve Rudolph, Shane Jeckel at start

122km -- 3 April 2016 -- Horsetooth Hop
RUSA# Time   Rider
96054:15BARNES, Graham
59674:28COOK, Brett A
1535:27ELLIS, John Lee
14715:20FOLEY, Paul A
54364:18HORWOOD, Joshua
72155:08LARSON, Sam
16795:20MANGIN, L John
112576:30MIYAZAKI, Makoto
4:55ORBAN, Christopher *
4:51OSHLO, Rick
45484:55SAEEDI, Steve
113065:33SEAVER, Seaver R
112285:12SIGMOND, Bennett
105005:20SMITH, Preston T
35515:12SNAVELY, Henry J
91124:14STEFELY, Ernie D
5:28TRADITI, Frank
110244:17TURNER, Jason
1445:27VANDER LINDEN, Merry
86605:26WARD, Donald F
* First Randonnée!


A Sparkling Horsetooth Hop!

21 starters and 20 finishers enjoyed a sunny, balmy April day.

A sole DNF was KC Heck, after he hit a piece of gravel on Horsetooth and tumbled down an embankment. KC was ok, fortunately, although his bike will need some fixing up.

Many thanks to our friend Paul Foley for leading this Populaire!

- John Lee Ellis

A sunny start with snowy horizon!
Paul Foley photo

Merry Vander Linden - RUSA #144
(lowest RUSA# on the ride) - at the finish

103km -- 13 March 2016 -- Carter Lake
RUSA# Time   Rider
77603:22BAKER, Christopher L
96053:38BARNES, Graham
4:54BEYER, Corinna
109726:07BUCIUC, Harold C
101676:07BUCIUC, Razvan
1534:00ELLIS, John Lee
14713:43FOLEY, Paul A
96034:30FRASER, Malcolm R
112223:22FULLAGAR, David Peter
111916:01HARTMAN, Heidi M
99624:00HAUGEN, Timo
44254:56HECK, Ken C
3:28HILLIS, Jeff
5:40IWANOYA, Ritsuko
111334:28KOVALENKO, Oksana I
4:30KOZORA, Jeff
72154:22LARSON, Sam
90947:00LEDRU, Pascal
111657:00LEDRU, Sukmi L
3:35OSHLO, Eric
44264:50PARKER, Lane
3:25ROSENTHAL, Harris
45484:50SAEEDI, Steve
113065:40SEAVER, Sabrina
86944:35SENDOR, Jon
112283:59SIGMOND, Bennett
35514:32SNAVELY, Henry J
85646:06STANTON, L
91123:28STEFELY, Ernie D
112416:05TRIGG, Brett D
101734:35TUREK, Michael Gerald
110243:25TURNER, Jason
86604:22WARD, Donald F
78983:38WARREN, Corinne D
92233:22ZITZ, Walter J
* First Randonnée!
Record High, Record Turnout for Carter Lake Populaire!

46 starters and 40 finishers enjoyed a sunny, balmy March day, in fact a record high for this date (82° I believe)! Once again it shows you what wonderful riding days we can get during "our snowiest month" - while only two weeks before, it was waves of snowfall and icy roads.

It's wonderful to see so many first-time riders - thank you for trying us out, and I hope you were encouraged to try more events with us! That, and friends we haven't seen for a while, including Nate Dick, Bob Dean, and someone I last rode with on the Boston-Montreal-Boston 1200k. Welcome, all, and let's hope spring treats us this well!

Many thanks to our friend Paul Foley, our enthusiastic ride leader!

- John Lee Ellis

Paul Foley orients our riders at the sunny start!

A bevy of RMCC jerseys at the finish!
Jon Sendor, Chris Baker, Mike Turek, JLE, Corinne Warren, Timo Haugen