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2017 Results


Results Certification
For events sanctioned by Audax Club Parisien (all brevets except as noted below) our results postings are technically preliminary until certified by the ACP.
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300km -- 13 May 2017 -- Black Forest
RUSA# Time   Rider
776014:39Baker, Chris
1199614:50Bates, Blaine
14:50Bates, Kyle **
1126510:27Carl, Caleb
15314:22Ellis, John Lee
243413:56Flanigan, John ®
147112:20Foley, Paul
775114:35Griffith, Scott
1137712:11Hartokolis, Nate
1058112:09Johnson, Kieran
1113314:39Kovalenko, Oksana
15:25Lippe, Amy
602611:18Lowe, Mark
167912:25Mangin, John
1125717:05Miyazaki, Makoto
948113:35Moerk, Michael
1195611:30Rosenthal, Harris
311212:17Rupel, Ray
627614:00Shlachter, Jeremy
184212:30Smith, Vernon
1017313:27Turek, Michael
1102413:50Turner, Jason
789811:30Warren, Corinne
922311:18Zitz, Walter
® pre-ride
** First Colo. Randonnée!
Sunniest, driest, toastiest Black Forest 300k in Years!

26 riders enjoyed a preternaturally warm, sunny, and dry Black Forest 300k. After years of cold rain, snow, and accumulating snow, our big concern this year was sunscreen. This year we headed to "directly" to Black Forest for our first intermediate control, omitting Ken Caryl and then making up the difference by turning around in Kiowa. And yes, that made for ten more miles up uphill into the wind.

But ideal temps at 7,000 ft. while folks at lower elevations were baking. It was a brilliant day to be out. The only fly in the ointment was a traffic tie-up on I-25 which diverted some motorists onto Spruce Mountain Road into Larkspur, which put a dent of the serenity we were looking forward to for that stretch.

Thanks to John Flanigan for previewing this new course, to Corinne Warren for stocking a water cache near Palmer Lake, and to everyone who came out and had a great time!

- John Lee Ellis

Snowy Pikes Peak towers over the BF 300k!

Jeremy Shlachter
at Corinne Warren's water cache

Chris Baker and Oksana Kovalenko
at Black Forest

Henry Snavely at finish
(after having to DNF,

Scott Griffith
at finish

JLE ... thrilled
at a sunny BF 300k!

A mere hint of virga at the end of a brilliant day!

360km+ -- 6 May 2017 -- Front Range Flèche
Team: Quartier Lanternes Rouges
Distance: 362km
RUSA# Rider
1471Foley, Paul
5417Grainger, Michelle
5418Le Goff, Steve
9094Ledru, Pascal
10173Turek, Michael (captain)
Most Beer Tastings Ever!

Team captain Mike Turek writes, "Weather was fantastic (if you love headwinds) for the Team Quartier Lanternes Rouges' tour of Ales and Energy around Northern Colorado. The team stopped long enough for a quick 2 oz taste at 5 breweries. The sixth was closed when we arrived but my co-worker had a growler ... and Gatorade.

"We also saw the might of Colorado's energy sector ... hydro electric plant, gas drill pads, gas separation & production facilities, gas power plant, wind turbine plant and even the Lafayette solar plant.

"Thanks to Grace Turek and Sukmi Ledru for the fantastic support, and Britt Goldman for meeting us in Berthoud."

- John Lee Ellis

Start in the shadow of the Flatirons

Time out to help a stranded motorist!

Finish: Steve, Mike, Pascal, Michelle, Paul

Gourmet Breakfast with French Cider, courtesy of Sukmi Ledru

200km -- 29 April 2017 -- Stove Prairie Rawhide Ramble
RUSA# Time   Rider
77608:05Baker, Christopher
8:05Bremer, Robert
112656:55Carl, Caleb
1539:22Ellis, John Lee ®
14718:22Foley, Paul
960310:25Fraser, Malcolm
113778:11Hartokolis, Nathaniel
118479:06Howell, James
111339:52Kovalenko, Oksana
90948:22Ledru, Pascal
118636:55Ramos, Mateo
8:10Schub, Nathaniel
120138:20Stephen, Ricardo
110248:15Turner, Jason
78988:11Warren, Corinne
® pre-rode Stove Prairie route
Frostiest Rawhide Ramble Ever!

18 starters and 15 finishers fought fierce northerly winds and crisp temps for this taste of Colorado springtime riding. Snow the day before suggested a last-minute change of route from Stove Prairie, to the broad, open, antelope-dotted landscape up towards Wyoming. Speeds were in the single digits heading up, much brisker heading back.

Paul Foley writes: "Another spring Colorado 200K, rescheduled due to a blizzard, with resultant character building headwinds out to Rawhide with rewarding winds home, Camaraderie developed by the love of randonneuring and flexibility of dealing with weather changes enhances yet another beautiful day on the bike."

A big thanks to Paul Foley for leading this 200k, while I was out of state.

- John Lee Ellis

The mild Stove Prairie pre-ride

Saturday: Dry roads but plenty of snow!
Malcolm Fraser photo

Sunday start

Heading out




200km -- 22 April 2017 -- On A Lark
RUSA# Time   Rider
112656:49Carl, Caleb
14718:04Foley, Paul
214510:25Long, Beth
60267:36Lowe, Mark
1125711:26Miyazaki, Makoto
94818:59Moerk, Michael
212910:25Myers, Brent
110298:04Rolfs, Christopher
18428:04Smith, Vernon
101738:04Turek, Michael
110248:09Turner, Jason
866010:23Ward, Donald
78987:36Warren, Corinne
A Nice Lark of a Ride!

17 starters and 13 finishers enjoyed this hilly 200k. Thanks to Vernon Smith for leading - and designing - this route!

- John Lee Ellis

Token photo: a different 200k, on April 25 ... where could this be?

200km -- 15 April 2016 -- Kersey Kick
RUSA# Time   Rider
74098:25Albershardt, Andy
119967:45Bates, Blaine *
110548:14Benoit, Diane
112655:55Carl, Caleb
596710:05Cook, Brett
28446:14Dodge, Tim
1538:14Ellis, John Lee
48198:25Feldman, Tim
24347:45Flanigan, John
96038:34Fraser, Malcolm
113777:39Hartokolis, Nate
118478:07Howell, James
119407:16Hustvedt, Anders *
105817:05Johnson, Kieran
7:14Lippe, Amy *
16797:03Mangin, John
1157410:05McKee, Amanda
1125710:01Miyazaki, Makoto
104418:59Ng, Ricky *
118636:48Ramos, Mateo *
116567:40Rivet, Richard *
110298:00Rolfs, Christopher *
119567:03Rosenthal, Harris
119416:14Rudolph, Steve
31127:29Rupel, Ray
89459:54Schabacker, Noah
62768:19Shlachter, Jeremy
112288:36Sigmond, Bennett
18427:45Smith, Vernon
35519:15Snavely, Henry
115238:36TeBockhorst, Earl
101737:45Turek, Michael
23076:48Walsh, Bryce
* First 200k Randonnée!
Most Rerouted Kersey Kick Ever!

35 starters and 33 finishers enjoyed mild temps - upper 40's into the 60's - under brilliant sun, with a stiff but not punishing SE breeze.

This Kersey Kick featured three route changes that increased the delight factor of this ride. First was a jaunt up the I-25 Frontage Road, to avoid a rough and heavily trafficked section of Weld County Rd 13. Next - the "Evans Bypass" - totally avoided Evans and the busy, rough roads leading in and out, by crossing the South Platte and heading east on peaceful roads paralleling the river. The final change was to avoid Kersey Road (Rd. 49) entirely - they are reconstructing this road in segments, and it's unsafe for cycling - by heading west on rolling Rd. 44, past Pelican Lake, then on to Platteville.

Lots of new riders and new RUSA members, as well as dear friends and familiar faces - welcome to all!

- John Lee Ellis

A bright start!

Andy Albershardt

Diane Benoit - Platteville

Jeremy Shlachter - finish

James Howell - finish

Diane Benoit - finish

Foon Feldman - finish

Malcolm Fraser - finish

Earl TeBockhorst & Ben Sigmond


Populaire Results


122km -- 9 April 2017 -- Horsetooth Hop
RUSA# Time   Rider
112654:55Carl, Caleb
48194:50Feldman, Tim
118226:40Gipson, Terry
77516:13Griffith, Scott
113776:08Hartokolis, Nate
44255:45Heck, Ken
4:55Kaufman, Larry
4:42Lippe, Amy
16794:55Mangin, John
112577:00Miyazaki, Makoto
94815:12Moerk, Michael
110484:51Olsen, Kale
118634:49Ramos, Mateo
119565:19Rosenthal, Harris
119414:49Rudolph, Steve
85647:27Stanton, Laurie
101734:42Turek, Michael
110244:45Turner, Jason
78984:55Warren, Corinne
86606:53Ward, Don
Windiest Horsetooth Populaire Ever!

25 starters and 21 finishers braved fierce downslope winds, especially gusty over Horsetooth, on an "exciting" 122km roller coaster ride.

A big thanks to Corinne Warren for leading this Populaire!

- John Lee Ellis

A more tranquil Horsetooth ... on the Stove Prairie Circumlocution 200k Permanent

103km -- 19 March 2017 -- Carter Lake - Paradise Valley
RUSA# Time   Rider
4:21Bremer, Robert *
59676:04Cook, Brett
1534:32Ellis, John Lee
14713:59Foley, Paul
96035:44Fraser, Malcolm ®
5:05Gipson, Terry *
77515:09Griffith, Scott
44255:56Heck, Ken
4:09Howell, James
113155:26Iwanaga, Ritsuko
90947:00Ledru, Pascal
111657:00Ledru, Sukmi
4:12Lippe, Amy *
4:01Livermore, Miles *
115746:04McKee, Amanda
5:07Nilsson, Birger *
118634:01Ramos, Mateo
113065:26Seaver, Sabrina
35515:03Snavely, Henry
5:14Stanton, Laurie
29364:59Tankovich, William
86605:07Ward, Donald
* First Randonnée!
® pre-ride
Comfiest Carter Lake Populaire Ever!

24 starters and 22 finishers enjoyed a balmy March day, with temps starting and finishing in the 70's! We have been having dry, mild conditions for some time, and at least got to enjoy it on this populaire. The forecast strong winds did not materialize, making for a pleasant ride that started and finished in shirtsleeves!

The Carter Lake road, which had been closed most of the winter, had reopened for us. And the long-closed bridge to Paradise Valley reopened after post-2013-flood reconstruction at the end of 2016, providing us the tranquil cruise down Paradise Valley, and the climb up to the dam to get there.

- John Lee Ellis

Carter Lake road now open again!

Paradise Valley bridge open again!

Ken "KC Reckless" Heck

Still fresh at the finish!

Donald Ward

Henry Snavely

Scott Griffith

Ritsuko Iwanaga and Sabrina Seaver